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  1. Hi Jillian, I wish they would. I get so tired of people looking at me funny when I try to explain. Then of course, everyone around me gets uncomfortable, however, my husband has no problem with me asking. I guess I get frustrated when you get a response like that from a chain that basically says...sorry we can't help you. Especially when you have others who say...how can we help you (like PF Changs)? Sorry to rant, but I love great customer service and to me Benihana screams BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE, and that just really burns me up!!!
  2. This is the response I received from Benihana today: "Thank you for your e-mail. We are aware of this intolerance towards gluten in the diet, gluten-protein, wheat, rye, oats and barley. I know that soy sauce contains wheat. Unfortunately, none of our menu items seems to fit your dietary requirement without modifying the cooking procedures and recipes. All our sauce and salad dressing contain soy sauce. Onion soup has fried onion which has flour. As a Japanese restaurant, most of our standard menu items has an ingredient of soy sauce. We are very sorry that we couldn't meet your important diet requirement. " Ummm.....too bad they haven't heard of soy sauce without wheat flour in it....
  3. Absolutely...they have their own Gluten-Free Bakehouse. Check out this link: http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/products/b..._bakehouse.html
  4. Here is Pei Wei's Gluten-Free Menu: http://www.peiwei.com/glutenfreeMenu.jsp PF Chang's Gluten-Free Menu: http://www.pfchangs.com/cuisine/menu/Glute...olerantMenu.pdf
  5. Here is the dessert menu I received today... Cinnamon Apple Oblivion (had to laugh at this one though) Vanilla ice cream covered in cinnamon apples and pecans topped with caramel sauce. Avoid cinnamon apples and cinnamon croutons -- blew that one out of the water immediately. Sydney's Sinful Sunday Vanilla - Ice cream rolled in toasted coconut, covered in chocolate sauce and topped with whipped cream. the BEST one on the list.... Chocolate Thunder From Down Under...Fresh-baked pecan brownie, rich vanilla ice cream topped with hot homemade chocolate sauce and chocolate shavings. This is a flourless brownie; we even dust the pan with sugar! It is a fantastic gluten-free dessert.
  6. It might be the MSG. I don't recall seeing that before.
  7. First of all -- you're not alone! That's the best and greatest news! Second, you will go through withdrawal, but there is light at the end of the tunnel...For some people short, for some people long. I was reading your post and saw the nausea pill...before taking any medication, check to see if it has gluten in it. If it doesn't say anything, don't assume that it doesn't. Call the manufacturer (or check this board, but I would always suggest calling the manufacturer as the ingredients change.) This goes for food items also. What you can read one time says no wheat (gluten), and the next time you will see gluten. This happened for one of my favorite snack foods, Buggles. Anyway, take nothing for granted. I have been gluten-free since 1993 but have recently been having DH outbreaks (because I cheated in October). I'm realizing that my conditioner has gluten in in, my hand lotion has gluten in it, and other things have gluten in it too. Needless to say, check the label. Oh, and finally, I never thought about tortilla chips or french fries having gluten in them from a restaurant...but most of them do because they dont place them in dedicated fryers (they combine all the fried foods usually together in one fryer). Sorry for the long post, but, I'm still learning thanks to this board! Peace,
  8. Hi John, I haven't been in this forum for very long, but it is a VERY active one and great people from what I can tell. We all have a common bond...
  9. As a former employee of McDonald's if you are in a hurry and there is no room in the nugget fryer or the fish fryer, you do use the french fry fryer. Been there. Done that.
  10. I cook gluten-free at the home. When we go out to at eat my husband eats whatever he wants and now, with a lot of the restaurants starting to understand "gluten-free", I can eat what I want as long as I do my research beforehand. Most frustrating challenge I have when eating out -- CAN'T HAVE FRENCH FRIES. Almost everyone uses one vat for all fried foods...not good for us. One day they are going to figure it out...one vat for french fries only -- as long as they are not McDonald's FF.
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