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  1. http://www.slate.com/id/2223745/ Maybe I am misreading this and being overly sensitive, but I think there is so much wrong with this that I had to post hoping that someone more eloquent than I could write Mr. Engber about his article. Here are some of my favorite lines (quotes are his/parentheses are mine): "Now imagine that you've cut out gluten from your diet completely
  2. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  3. Does anyone have a safe list for Juice Beauty? I emailed them but haven't received a response back. Thanks.
  4. Every time I think I've made a decision on this I change my mind. I'm so nervous that I'm going to make some huge mistake and pick out a terrible dishwasher. I'm terrible at making big purchases and usually wind up second guessing myself. We're going to hit up Home Depot, the Expo and Lowes this weekend. A co-worker told me that you can return anything to Home Depot. I don't know if that's true, but it's worth looking into. Thanks again for the advice! You guys are great.
  5. Thanks so much for all the replies! My mind is whirling from all the different options out there. I gave my poor old dishwasher another chance last night and woke up to an odd white residue all over everything plus some dirty things. Has anyone tried to repair a dishwasher? I wonder if it's worth it.
  6. My mother-in-law has a Kitchen Aid and she practically has to wash her dishes before putting them into the dishwasher. Not interested in doing that at all. I figure if you have to go to all that trouble you might as well just put soap on them and finish up the job. Besides the Whirlpool I was looking at Bosch. Ok, I will admit that their new commercial has peaked my interest. Also the Maytag that the guy sticks the whole cake in and everything comes out clean. What I find really confusing is Consumer Reports. They will give a good rating to a dishwasher and then when you read the consumer reviews everyone will say they hate it. I am willing to spend a good amount of money on the dishwasher. It's one of two of my "can't live without" appliances.
  7. Dishwashers

    My dishwasher has decided that it no longer wishes to clean all my dishes and I'm desperate to get a new one before it really gives up. So tell me - which brand do you have and what do you love/hate about it? I'm thinking about the Whirlpool Gold.
  8. I feel so bad for you. I don't know what other intolerances you have but here's some food suggestions off the top of my head. Do you have a Whole Foods anywhere near you? If so, they have bags of frozen rice that all you have to do is put them in the microwave to heat. You could make rice and beans. How about soups? There are gluten free canned soups out there and if you do happen to be by WF they have a new brand of soup in the frozen case called Kettle Creations. Some are gluten free and they are really good. How about canned chili? I don't know if it's safe for you to have but you could get gluten free pancake mix and make pancakes and bacon. Could you make sandwiches with prepackaged meats (like Hormel) or tuna? As for bathing - that's a tough one. There are dry shampoos you can get to "wash" your hair. I just saw that drugstore.com has No-Rinse Bathing Wipes. CVS should also have them. The bonus to those is that they claim to kill bacteria and salmonella. You might also want to look into a portable camping shower. You can store water in them and then use it like a hand held in your shower. Good luck.
  9. Seriously, how is that funny after what I just said?
  10. While I am sorry that your family is treating you this way, may I please ask that people stop using the word "retard" to describe something stupid. My younger brother IS mentally retarded (he has Down Syndrome) and he is not stupid or dumb. To use retard as a derogatory word shows a lack of compassion and understanding. This might not be the right place for this rant but it pisses me off to see people use that word so flippantly. Why is "retard" still seen as acceptable in this pc world???
  11. The Whole Foods 365 Gluten Free line is made by Gluten Free Pantry.
  12. I've tried the lemon cake and I have to say it was not my favorite. It has a very different flavor. You can definitely taste the chestnut flour. I would say it was more lemon chestnut cake than lemon cake. I personally wouldn't buy it again but Whole Foods carries the line if anyone is interested.
  13. Appropriate List For Gluten Restricted Patients Products NOT containing wheat, Oat, Rye & Barley derived ingredients Updated: Jan 8, 2008 BABY BEE BABY BEE DUSTING POWDER BABY BEE CR
  14. Good luck Amanda. By the way, I never had to sue the neighbors. The letter was enough to scare the landlord and the annoying tenants into good behavior.
  15. Amanda, I don't if this applies where you live, but you might want to look it up. There is a real estate covenant concerning the Right of the Quiet Enjoyment of Your Home. I got this from a google search: "A Covenant that promises that the grantee or tenant of an estate in real property will be able to possess the premises in peace, without disturbance by hostile claimants. Quiet enjoyment is a right to the undisturbed use and enjoyment of real property by a tenant or landowner. The right to quiet enjoyment is contained in covenants concerning real estate. Generally a covenant is an agreement between two parties to do or refrain from doing something. Courts read a covenant of quiet enjoyment between the Landlord and Tenant into every rental agreement, or tenancy. Thus a renter, or tenant, has the right to quiet enjoyment of the leased premises regardless of whether the rental agreement contains such a covenant. In the covenant of quiet enjoyment, the landlord promises that during the term of the tenancy no one will disturb the tenant in the tenant's use and enjoyment of the premises. Quiet enjoyment includes the right to exclude others from the premises, the right to peace and quiet, the right to clean premises, and the right to basic services such as heat and hot water and, for high-rise buildings, elevator service." You may actually have the right to sue the neighbor. We had a harassing neighbor in our old apartment complex. We finally had enough of them and after the landlord did nothing but talk to them we contacted a lawyer. They wrote to the landlord to let him know that we would be suing the neighbors if they did not either calm down or leave the building. We also told him that we would be suing him for not taking care of the situation. You have to also sue the landlord to sue the tenants here. I hope this helps. Beth
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