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  1. Hi KD, I'm a newcomer too. I DEFINITELY believe there is a link between endometriosis and celiac. In my case, I had exploratory pelvic surgery in 2004 that showed no signs of adhesions, endo, etc. In June of 2006, I had an appendectomy followed by 6 months of intense illness--I was diagnosed with celiac that December. Some months later after being on the gluten-free diet, I was complaining of lower right quadrant pain. The doctors didn't have any answers; in October 2007, I had surgery to remove a fibroid and a dermoid in one of my ovaries. During the surgery, the surgeon found that I had Stage 3 endo and both of my ovaries were embedded! I'm convinced that the endo, which also a disease of the immune system, was somehow triggered by the celiac. So you're not alone! KK
  2. Hi--Not sure if you've found a doctor yet or not, but Ciaran Kelly at Beth Israel is probably the best local specialist in Celiac (at least for adults.) Hope this helps!
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