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  1. It is my personal opinion that a "Buffet" is actually another way to say "Cross-Contamination Guaranteed". My daughter has not had good luck at all with buffets and as a rule, we stay away from them if at all possible. Even salad bars have been dangerous for her, she is very sensitive. Use your own judgement, but take a look at how messy people are at a buffet or salad bar, when they have never had to keep foods apart they take it totally for granted. Sharing serving utensils, food spills, etc. Good Luck Penny
  2. Finally made it to Starbucks -- took my daughter, she had the gluten free cake, and I had blueberry coffeecake (full of gluten). I tried hers and actually thought it was better than mine.
  3. The local store carries Wilderness Brand Cherry Pie Filling. I can't find any ingredient information on their website, does anyone know if this is safe to use? Penny
  4. Thank you for the answer, I didn't know I couldn't do that. I just wasn't sure which thread would give better help, since it was a question for restaurants and I'm travelling somewhere I have never been.
  5. I posted a question about restaurants in downtown Columbus, posted it to the restaruant section and to the travel section. I can only find it on the travel section.
  6. I'm headed to Columbus in June with a dozen teenagers for a youth convention. One of our group is Celiac. Our motel is 20 minutes away by shuttle. The plans are to eat at convention center for noon meal and eat out for the evening meal. Due to time restraints need places to eat within 15 minute walk of convention center. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks Penny
  7. Have used Benadryl Elixer, Ultra Tabs, & Dye Free Gel Caps - after some discussion with "Johnson & Johnson" on whether they are gluten free. I haven't had a problem with them. Just wondering if anyone uses or has information on the Allergy & Sinus Headache product. Thanks - Penny
  8. My family votes "Anne's" the best, followed by Pamelas. Both are easy in bread machine. Anne's works great for toast, bread and sandwiches. Like Pamelas better if using for French Toast. Also for a quick and easy rolls. Kinnikinnick makes a bread & bun mix, just add liquid, mix and bake. I use it for making hamburger buns and dinner rolls. For hamburger buns, I add one egg to the mix. Penny
  9. My daughter uses "Rexall Naturals" Ultimate Probitotic Formula from Walmart. Comes in a Purple bottle. We checked with the manufacturer and it is Gluten Free. She is extremely sensitive and has been taking it for over a year without problems. Penny
  10. Thanks for the info. I'm planning to take meals for most of the time, but thought it might be nice to try a place that we don't have near home. Penny
  11. I'm taking my daughter (16 yrs old) to Mayo Clinic to see if we can get a better handle on things, we are doing well with the gluten-free diet, but wonder if she has some other allergies, intolerances, or completely different problems that haven't been diagnosed. They say we could be there for 4 to 6 days, while they complete all the tests. Does anyone have suggestions of places to eat. Thanks Penny
  12. I agree with all the others that commercial gluten free breads leave alot to be desired. I remember the first loaf we tried, I thought we were eating styrofoam. We now use Kinnikinnick Bread and Bun Mix. Very Easy, Just add milk or milk substitute to the mix and blend for two minutes, pour in pan and bake. I purchased mini bread loaf pans and reduced the recipe down to fit a mini loaf, so I can have fresh bread every day. My daughter is the one that is Celiac, she loves this bread. I even love this bread and I can eat normal bread. Good luck, and remember we all go through a trial and error period to start with.
  13. My daughter had some similar symptoms, we found out she had a bacteria overgrowth in the intestines, it didn't show up on any of the initial tests. She went on antibiotic for 10 days and then heavy doses of probiotics for three weeks. Now she is down to normal doses of probiotics and feeling good again.
  14. Leslie - Don't be concerned, I'm not suggesting that you discontinue use. When I talked to the company, they couldn't tell me with 100% accuracy that it was gluten free. I have a feeling I didn't get high enough up the ladder to a person with enough knowledge. The Lady with Celiac that I talked to says she has talked with people from the Celiac Sprue Assoc. and that they have tested Brewer's yeast and haven't found any discernable amounts of gluten in it. Penny
  15. My daughter (age 16) has Celiac - dx March 2006. We have been on a strict gluten-free diet. She does very well on gluten-free diet, for the most part, she is highly sensitive so we seldom eat out. Her main problems are, poor immune system, low energy levels, low stamina levels (for keeping up with all the activities of HS). We have been looking for a way to boost her immune system. Our two biggest problems are her sensitivity level to gluten (very high) and her catching every virus or cold that is passed around at school. We have had others telling us we should have my dd try Reliv to help boost her immune system. I contacted the company to check out the ingredients, couldn't get all my questions answered, so kind of gave up on the idea. Recently we have talked to another celiac that is on Reliv and has been on it for 5 plus years. She reports that it has helped her in amazing ways. She says it has helped decrease her sensitivity, helped keep her healthy (not catching colds and the flu all the time), increased her energy level. She is not trying to tell me that it will cure Celiac, (we all know that won't happen) she still holds strictly to her gluten-free diet, but that it gives her body a better nutrient base and overall better health. She has told me that she has others with Celiac in her family and they are also using it with good results. I am encouraged that maybe this product could help us. It isn't that I doubt the endorsement that a fellow Celiac has given me on this product, I just wanted to find out if there are any others who have any experience with Reliv. Thanks - Pennyb
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