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  1. Hez, Thank you for your candid reply. The cross-contamination issue has been my primary concern. So a frozen roll would be great, but you would like to see it come from a dedicated line. I understand. Kenny
  2. I have several friends that have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease. They have asked my company to produce a frozen dough product for them. I have received a few consumer phone calls and letters as well. I have several questions for a broader audience as we work on development. Please feel free to answer one or all of them. 1. Would you be interested in a frozen dough product? My understanding is that most bread items are either pre-baked or come in a mix. The advantage of frozen dough is that you can bake in your home and we usually can provide better quality than a mix. 2. Which product would interest you the most? We have the capability to make bread, rolls, pizza dough, and or cinnamon rolls. 3. What grain do you think offers the best performance/flavor characteristics. We are looking at a variety of recipes and I have to admit that it is difficult to narrow down the options. 4. All of our current products contain gluten. We can segregate the ingredients and do a full cleanup (hot wash). However, we do not have dedicated lines for producing gluten-free products. Is that a reasonable precaution? We would make it clear on our packaging the steps that were taken. 5. I anticipate the grocery channel that will carry gluten-free frozen dough are Natural/Health Food Channels. Is that correct or am I mistaken in my assumption? I don't expect that we will make a lot of money selling gluten-free products. Rather, we see it as a way to reach out to consumers and their families that are afflicted with celiac disease. I appreciate your feedback! Kenny
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