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  1. well, my mom and I both have are celiacs, and some of my "friends" dont believe me b/c they dont understand...but a lot of my family members are hicks, and dont really understand it either...and I am having a really hard time w/ peer pressure...just the other day I went to a friends house, and she made a cake...and it was so tempting...I had two pieces and was sick for a week......but yeah...a lot of my family members think that it is all made up...
  2. Hey AnnaBelle...I'm Alyssa. Im 15 (permit in July, yay!) I was (self)Diagnosed 5 months ago...It is really difficult at school, b/c ppl dont understand...I know how you feel. People are really dumb sometimes. They assume Im allergic to everything, but I just say, "NO!, THERES JUST GLUTEN IN EVERYTHING!" but my mom has celiac disease, and so does my aunt. What was really weird, I met this great guy and I was about to tell him about the celiacs, and right before I could, he said, "have you ever heard of celiac disease?? b/c my mom and I have it." I just thought that was ironic...My mom has this awesome pizza recipe...but she can't find it right now...so I will post it later. stick w/ it...I dont know if this helps, but You are unique...I like to think of myself as being different, so that helps me a lot...if you want to email me, it's aly_taylor13@yahoo.com AlyssA~meghAn
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