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  1. Are you sure? I'm pretty sure that if you do have celiac, eating gluten will be harmful to the baby. If you're not absorbing nutrients properly, that can't be good for the baby. Many celiacs have fertility problems and miscarriages. Maybe someone can cite some research here. I don't want to freak you out, but I do think that you want to seriously consider whether eating gluten for traditional medical testing is a good idea right now.

    I know there are mixed messages out there, but my doctor told me that throughout pregnancy, I needed to maintain a 100% gluten-free diet, especially during the first trimester. It was much easier for me, though, since I had already been diagnosed and I know how sick I would be if I cheated even a little (I am craving gluteny foods like crazy!) I would definitely check into it further if I were you and remember that you're going to have to do a lot of self-advocacy.

  2. if you're pregnant you absolutely should not be getting the flu shot, gluten or no gluten

    why not? both my family dr. and my ob/gyn recommeded it...it's not a live virus that's injected....

    Myth: You are pregnant and should not get the influenza vaccine.

    Fact: An influenza vaccine is safe during pregnancy. In fact, pregnant women who will be in their 3rd trimester during the influenza season, and pregnant women with high risk conditions, such as heart or lung disease, diabetes or weakened immune systems, are recommended to get the influenza vaccine to protect themselves. Influenza vaccine is provided free to pregnant women who will be in their 3rd trimester during the influenza season, or who have high risk conditions. If you have any questions about getting an influenza shot during your pregnancy, speak with your doctor or health care provider.

    Healthy pregnant women who may deliver their baby during the influenza season should get an influenza shot to protect their newborn baby. Babies less than six months of age, especially newborns, are at high risk from the complications of influenza, but they cannot be vaccinated because their immune response to the vaccine is not as strong.

    Vaccination for mothers and other close contacts can help protect babies and reduce their risk of infection. It is safe for babies to breastfeed after mothers receive the influenza vaccine.

    From the BC Health Files

  3. I am taking Preg Vit which is gluten-free. As I posted in another thread, this particular vitamin separates the calcium (morning pill) and the iron (evening pill), making absorption of each better. It is available by prescription in Canada; not sure about the States. My doc. warned that not all vitamins are created equal and many store brands are filler and simply make your kidneys work harder than they should for not much nutritional gain.

  4. I took Folic Acid (5 milligrams) for a few months pre-conception and had B12 shots as well. Now that I'm 18 weeks pregnant, the doctor said even though I've been gluten-free for almost a year, my body still doesn't absorb nutrients through food like it should. I am taking Preg Vit and they are working out well for me. I've never been able to tolerate oral vitamins well, but with these, you take one in the morning (containing the calcium) and another at night (containing the iron). My doctor said for people who have a hard time with vitamins, it's important that calcium and iron are separated - not only for absorption reasons but for tolerance as well. Most vitamins contain both. Something you might want to consider.

    As for whether just eating properly enough, my doctor told me I was fine up to 20 weeks, but after that the baby zaps everything good and the vitamins are more for me. She also wanted me to wait to get to 18-20 weeks to be sure that the nausea and vomitting had subsided.

  5. You're not overreacting! I've never heard of anything so ridiculous!! I'm a teacher and it frustrates me how certain allergens are treated so seriously, but others (like wheat) are treated like no big deal. "It's not like it's going to kill you, like peanuts." (even though I do have an anaphylactoid response). I'd definitely use this as a learning experience for the school..where you're doing the educating! Selling bags of flour...still shaking my head.

    I'm so angry!!!

    We went to our daughter's school carnival today. We were having a really great time (face paint, dunking booth, moon walk, etc). I was working her homeroom's booth while she and her dad walked around to enjoy the fair.

    All of the sudden, there was a rush of boys and a bunch of white dust where they were waiting in line. One of the homerooms was selling "snow balls" which was about a 1/4 cup of all purpose flour tied in a paper towel "baggie." I didn't know yet that it was flour.

    I walked over to the snow ball booth to ask them what they were made of, and they said "Just flour. Nothing dangerous." I let them know that to my family it was actually very dangerous.

    I looked around the playground, parking lot, and field. There were expended snow balls all over the place. There was an endless supply of snow balls yet to be sold. I decided we needed to leave right away.

    Please tell me I didn't overreact. Unless it rains between now and Monday, I'm even worried about recess on the playground. There was flour EVERYWHERE. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Don't people know that wheat is a top 8 allergen let alone a danger to people with celiac? I'm writing a letter as soon as I figure out who is in charge of such decisions!

    Thanks. I needed to vent.

  6. Glad I found this thread! I thought I was alone in this battle!! I'm 9 weeks and craving gluten-filled foods like mad! I was craving pancakes this morning at work and was drooling thinking about the McDonald's pancakes and McGriddles. Now that I'm taking Diclectin and my nausea is much better, I'm finding it even worse!!! Maybe this is a first trimester thing too???

  7. The last time we went to the States we picked up a few boxes of Cocoa Pebbles. I was so excited that they were gluten-free. BUT when I actually ate them I had reactions. Of course, I tried to blame the soy milk the first try and then thought the next day, I thought it was something I ate for lunch. By the third try a week later, I narrowed it down to the Pebbles. Since then I will only eat organic gluten-free cereals from the specialty store for about 4x the price! So frustrating!

  8. I saw Jenny McCarthy on Oprah a couple of weeks ago and just read her book last night! I'm glad today is a holiday since I couldn't put it down. Being 8 weeks pregnant, I wonder about my Gluten-free Casein-free diet and the impact on my unborn child...I personally feel it's better for the baby and well, had I not been gluten-free there would have been no way my fertility would have been strong enough to conceive.

    When the baby is born, will I introduce gluten foods?? I doubt it, since my husband and I are both Gluten-free Casein-free so the risk of CC is too high. Anyone have any experience with this?? Also, if I breastfeed, the milk supposedly has about 20-30% casein. How do you keep a baby CF since I've read that most formulas have even higher levels of casein than breast milk. So many things to consider!

    The next thing is vaccines. Although I am just embarking on my research, there seems to be a lot of research connecting vaccines and mercury to austism. However, teaching in Ontario, I know that parents need to provide immunization records in order to register for school.

    Like all parents, we want to do whatever it takes to make sure our baby is as healthy as possible, but it's pretty overwhelming right now!

  9. She prescribed it knowing that we were trying. I should have been thinking before popping the pills, but I honestly thought it would take about a year before my fertility would be good to go due to the recent diagnosis of Celiac. I'm even more concerned since it was 550mg tablets she prescribed! Hopefully I stopped early enough to prevent damage.

    Thanks for that info about naproxen...I'm surprised she'd give it to me since she really seemed to know about Celiac. She searched through several different drugs/companies to find a gluten-free pain killer, so maybe she was desparate?? This will definitely make me think twice about dr's advice on drugs!

    4 more weeks of this to go??! Yikes! :) I slept with two bras last night and that helped. Is it okay to do that?? I did some arms and chest stretches today based on a recommendation from my massage therapist and they were not as sore today!

    As for eating, I'm mostly concerned about getting enough fiber, so fruits and veggies will definitely help.

    Thanks so much for your advice! :) It'll be handy to keep in touch since you're just a few weeks ahead!

    Did the doctor know that you suspected that you were pregnant when prescribing the naproxen? When I almost broke my foot, I was told that the only pain reliever I should take while pregnant is Tylenol. I just did a quick search on naproxen and pregnancy and found this from drugs.com:

    "FDA pregnancy category C. This medication may be harmful to an unborn baby. Tell your doctor if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant during treatment."

    Also, Naproxen is notorious for causing stomach problems... probably not the best choice for a celiac unless you're absolutely sure you've got everything under control.

    My breasts were really sore for a few weeks, but now they're pretty much back to normal (I'm 8 wks). Don't worry, they probably won't hurt for the whole 9 months!

    As for food, go for whole foods as much as possible, they are the highest in nutrients and provide the best possible nutrition for you and baby.

  10. So, I think I am pregnant too!!! Did a home pregnancy test at home last night and it was positive!!! We don't want to get too excited, though, in case there are complications. I have been having cramping (worse than normal menstral cramps), so I've been taking naproxen which was prescribed by my doctor. I hope that won't cause any problems. I cannot believe how tired I am and how sore my breasts are!!

    I'm most concerned about eating healthy during this time. Any advice??

  11. Thanks for posting the direct link! I sent a message. Where else should us Canadians target?? Jack Astors? I tried to get some help from the hostess, waitress and manager on the week-end, but didn't get too far.

    Great idea BTW! :)

    So here's the contact information. http://www.redlobster.ca/contactus.asp

    Im in Canada, but it benefits me as well. So lets give this bombarding idea a go.

  12. Awhile back, I was all excited when I went to a Kelsey's in Burlington, ON. The manager shared this gluten-free menu with me and described how they don't use white flour anymore, just brown rice flour. I was so impressed. I can't even remember what I ordered now, but wasn't sick. My husband and I decided to go back again a couple of weeks later. As a well-trained allergic person, I went through the regular routine of asking all of the same questions, but the whole while thinking everything would be safe. That time, though, I was told a different story. Rice flour is only used selectively, not exclusively; there is a huge risk of cc AND there are NO dedicated fryers (as I had been told on my initial visit). We expressed how disappointed we were and will never go back because of the differing information. We are so lucky that we didn't get glutened when we did dine at their location.

  13. There was an article in my local paper this morning about how winemakers may soon be required to list ingredients and allergens on their labels - and, of course, why they don't want to! But here's what was news to me: I've always thought that wine was pretty reliably gluten-free (although possibly not casein-free, which is also an issue for me). But according to this article, wine that is aged in oak barrels may contain traces of wheat from paste that's used to make the barrels. EEEK!!!

    I found the article online in case anyone is interested:



    So interesting that you mentioned wine having casein. I reacted to casein during an allergy scratch test, but never thought of wine until this afternoon....while getting my B12 shot, the nurse and were chatting about allergies and then we moved onto the subject of wine. She mentioned I should look into wine since some do contain casein!!! I thought she just must have been confused...do you have more info about casein in wine??

  14. Your profile sounds just like mine. I am now 28 and ever since I was in grade 8, I've been having all of the symptoms you mentioned, plus infection after infection. Been diagnosed with mono, epstein barr virus, chronic fatique syndrome, hiatus hernia, mild IBS, "you just have a weak immune system", etc....FINALLY was diagnosed in January 2007 (went to a naturopath who got a hunch, back to my family doctor who said it's possible and sent me to a specialist) and I CANNOT believe the difference. It is totally worth the extra effort and the extra money. It is more expensive, but as you get more familiar with everything, you find out where to shop in your area that saves you money. As for giving up certain foods, you can make or buy almost everything now. I've made gluten-free meals, snacks, desserts and they can't even tell the difference...most actually like the gluten-free better!

    Read previous posts on this forum to honestly scare yourself into going to be checked...I know it sounds awful, but when I'm feeling like just cheating a bit, I read about what can happen if you keep eating gluten..cancer, osteoporosis, infertility, etc. It makes me remember how important it is to stay gluten-free. Also, this forum gives you a place to vent and be encouraged. Go get tested!! :) I'm sure others would agree, that if you are positive, your life will improve drastically!!! :)

  15. Karen,

    I jus emailed SB through their website. I will keep you ALL posted as to their response about the brownie here in Canada.

    So yesterday morning, at a Starbucks in Mississauga, ON, we ask if they had anything gluten-free....We always ask with the hope that if enough people mention the word GLUTEN, they'll get the idea to start stocking gluten-free items!! The girl first asks what's gluten...I say no wheat....she thought I said no MEAT as so many people do because "How is it even possible to make something without wheat?!?!? Anyway, she says yes...they now carry a vegan brownie. We try to explain that vegan does not mean gluten-free, but she and two other girls working their insist that since vegans don't eat pasta, vegan means no wheat!!! ARGHH!! My husband calmly tried to explain that they likely don't eat pasta due to the eggs, but they wouldn't hear of it and tried to still sell us the brownie as gluten-free.

    I wish there was a requirement that all people working in the food industry had to have food allergy training...and not just for peanuts....

  16. I think your naturopath is right on that one. Celiac or Gluten intolerance is just that an intolerance, it doesn't have a histimine type reaction for most of us. I did not skin test postive for gluten as an allergan but I still have DH, a skin autoimmune reaction instead of a histimine one. The histamine reaction can be fatal short term, the autoimmune reation takes longer, or just makes you wish you were dead. :(

    You might want to post a query or even a poll as to how many of us are allergic and intolerant. The results might be interesting.

    One other thing to note, when I was diagnosed by an allergist the skin testing showed me reacting to everything they tested for that was not food related, except beech trees. At that time I had asthma and was on Singulair and inhalors. Post gluten-free 5 years and I have very few allegies any more and have not used my inhalor or taken singulair in over 4 years. My allergist said that my immune system was in hyperdrive trying to protect me from the gluten reaction. Without the gluten that stopped.

    It'll be interesting to see what turns up in terms of environmental allergens when I go for the second round. I've only had the food ones so far. I am still so shocked how one allergy can send the body into a complete frenzy!!

    I am going to do some more research about the allergic vs. intolerant....

    On a separate note, I just bought a Bette Hagman book from someone with the same username as you in ebay. Was it you perhaps?? Small world if it is!! :)

  17. Because you did not need one. In addition with the positive skin allergic reactions you should not be doing a gluten challenge, something you would have to do for a biopsy. You could have a life threating allergic reaction especially if you have been on the diet. You should be thankful to these doctors.

    Thanks so much for your reply! That makes me feel a lot better. :)

    Do you know much about positive skin reactions? My naturopath said it's unusual for a Celiac patient to react with the skin scratch test unless the allergy is pretty severe? That seems to be what you're saying too...I haven't been able to find much research about that. Any other info. you have would be appreciated.

    Thanks again! :)