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  1. Thank-you all for advice, I will take the tests and let you all know. Luckily here in England they should be free but I know they won't be as comprehensive as entreolab.. more of a yes/no answer. I will keep all this advice in mind and take a printout just in case my doc isn't celiac-savvy.
  2. I am a 21-year old female student from England, I am wondering if I am celiac or merely gluten sensitive. When I am alone, buying food for myself I buy fruit, veg, fish, milk, eggs. I never buy bread, pasta or cereals. Gluten is not something I have aknowledged up to now. But when I am around other people I do eat these foods, I like the taste and the texture of them and afterall they are normal foods. But I alwasy have stomach aches nausea acid reflux & indigestion bowel pains followed by diarrhea (usually after bread) or constipation (pasta and others) hangover like feeling bloating To be honest I thought a lot of other people had this and I was just less tolerent to pain and keeping my irritability and depression at bay. In the past I have been to the doctor about my depression and joint aches. I have been tested to be negative to rhumatoid arthritus. While I have an underactive thyroid that is active enough to be not classed as abnormal, I changed my diet which was a vegan one (ethical reasons) to include fish and dairy. Now I work out a bit and some days (perhaps the days after I've eaten gluten, but dairy might play a role too) I cannot work out as long and it is much more difficult even though I should have the energy. Any advice helpful
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