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  1. Thanks so much for that info. That's what I was hoping to hear. I think we'll just have to give yogurt a try and hope for the best.
  2. The GI's office called and Alex's antibodies were indeed normal and he doesn't need to see her for another 6 months! We are very happy about that. We were engaged shortly before Alex got sick and were planning to get married this weekend but life intervened and instead we're celebrating 6 months gluten-free. It makes Alex a bit sad but I think her returning to health is more exciting than a wedding. That being said, I still can't wait to marry her, as soon as she's healthy enough to enjoy the whole wedding thing. Thank you, I will. That is very kind. Thanks as always, Ryan
  3. Patti and Lisa, thank you both for the replies! It's a relief to hear that her levels should be fine. I was really afraid that she would be talked into having another scope if her antibodies were high. Patti, I'm really sorry that you had such a long glutening. Hidden gluten should be illegal. I wish every product had a check box that just said gluten or no gluten. Thanks again for the help. I take so much from this forum and give so little. I hope Alex and I can eventually be able to pay it forward and help other new Celiacs. I'm going to encourage her to check out the forum now that she's feeling much better than she was. She's knows no one with Celiac so it would be good for her to have people to relate to. I think she would benefit from both getting and giving knowledge. She's a bit more shy and reserved these days so I don't know if she'll join up but I do think it would be good for her. Ryan
  4. Does anyone know if an isolated glutening incident would cause antibody levels to be raised significantly and how long they would stay raised? Alex (my fiancee) had her six month follow-up with her GI and he did a Celiac panel. She was glutened almost a month ago and we don't know if that will affect the results of the panel. We didn't get around to telling the GI about the gluten incident (quick, quick visit) but if her levels are elevated and he wants to see her again we'll definitely inform him about it. I was just hoping someone might know how likely it is that her levels would be affected. We're hoping to avoid the doctor wanting to do another follow-up endoscopy in the event that her antibodies are elevated. She really is starting to feel quite good so I don't think we need a biopsy to know that her villi are getting back to normal. Thanks, Ryan
  5. Here is a picture of our fruit pizza -- our first gluten-free baking attempt! I can't take credit for its beautifulness, that's all Alex. I was instrumental in cutting the fruit though! Just wanted to share our success. Ryan
  6. This is great. It's always hard to know which companies you can trust. Do you know if the same goes for these companies in Canada? Ryan
  7. My fiancee also has celiac and diabetes but both fairly recently so my knowledge is limited. Is the diabetes diagnosis recent? If it is then maybe her body is overcompensating for the metabolic imbalance before the diabetes was being treated. Does she have a lot of highs with her blood sugar? If so then she would be needing extra insulin and that could definitely cause weight gain. We have been told that this is especially true when one has an insulin pump. The only other thing I can think of is a thyroid problem. My fiancee's endocrinologist checked her levels and antibodies when she was diagnosed with diabetes since autoimmune diseases like to travel in packs. So if you haven't had this done you might want to ask her endo about it. One other possible thing. Could it be a growth spurt? I don't really know much about this but I remember hearing once that during puberty girls tend to put on weight before they grow taller whereas guys usually get taller and then gain the extra weight. You could always see if her docs can check to see if her growth plates have fused to let you know if she is still growing. I hope you can figure out what's going on with your daughter, Ryan
  8. We made our fruit pizza and it went really well! Thank you so much everyone for all of the help. Alex was thrilled with how it turned out and we actually had a lot of fun making it. We had our families over yesterday for a belated birthday party for Alex and they all thought the pizza tasted great. Alex was so proud of our creation and it was great to see her so happy. She's been feeling quite good these past weeks so she was able to have a bit of the pizza too. We took lots of pictures of our fruit pizza so I might be able to post it for you all to see when we get the pictures developed. It will give me a reason to set up the printer/scanner that we got way back when Alex first got sick. Many, many thanks for all of your help, Ryan
  9. Thanks a million for the recipes! I'll definitely report on how it turns out. Wish us luck. Ryan
  10. That would be great! I really appreciate it. That would also be great if you have the time. We could use all of the ideas we can get. Thanks so much. I hate to be a typical guy but I don't know much about baking -- I could use all the help I can get. I sincerely appreciate people taking the time to help me and Alex out. Ryan
  11. Thanks so much for the ideas and information. The recipes are great - knowing what we need to buy will make our first trip to buy gluten-free baking products a little less scary and confusing. The ideas to replace the cream cheese are great too! I think we might actually be able to do this. I'm certainly not an expert baker but Alex is pretty good and this whole gluten free experience has definitely improved my overall cooking skills. Thanks, Ryan
  12. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me with advice/tips for making a gluten-free fruit pizza. Alex has her heart set on making one for a small get-together we're having but we have no idea how to start. We've made it before the Celiac diagnosis but this is our first foray into gluten-free baking. Of course the fruit will be okay but beyond that we are kind of lost. Do we need to order gluten-free "flour" online? And Alex is still dairy free so is there anything we could use instead of cream cheese for the pizza "paste" to stick the fruit onto the pastry crust? Any help at all (even the most basic ideas!) would be of great help to us. I'm really hoping the thought of gluten-free baking isn't impossible. Alex is just starting to feel well enough to do this type of thing so I'm hoping we can figure it out and have some success. Thanks, Ryan
  13. Just wanted to say that my fiancee found some relief from nausea by sucking on something cold. We usually froze Pedialyte into ice cubes and then crushed them up a bit. Not sure why it worked but it really helped to keep her from throwing up sometimes. If you're really nauseated, you could always try prescription anti-nausea meds. When my fiancee was really sick her doctor prescribed a combo of Zofran and Reglan that was VERY effective. They had some weird side effects (nightmares, agitation, etc.) but honestly it was worth it. I hope you can find something that helps, Ryan
  14. Just wanted to post that the tension in Alex
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