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  1. how does everyone find the time to work out...i'm a student in university and i spend bout an hour commuting to school in the morning then spend the whole day at lectures and then go home to study...i have no energy or time to work out....
  2. hey...ya im 23 and from toronto...nice to meet someone from ontario who is gluten-free. So how do you manage everyday.
  3. Hey everyone, I email Bob's red mill and ask them how they process oats and what is the level of contamination. Actually, it is only like 200ppm (which is parts per million), they clean and run the mill twice before packaging oats...so im sure its not that bad unless u have serious intolerance
  4. ok...its so not fair....prices for gluten free stuff are waaaaaaay overpriced. In Canada, I have read about a tax return but it is so confusing that even an expert accountant couldnt deal with all the paper work..and who has time for that. Like why make crappy tasting frozen bread filled with cheap methylcellulse and sell it for 5 times the price of reg bread thats sold FRESH in the bakery....i demand justice!
  5. I know exactly how you feel. I've been gluten-free forever, and recently I feel like i have brain fog as well....maybe its because my course load is too heavy...but still....i don't know what it could be...i think it might be my environment...i live in a large city...ie lots of pollution, my apartment sux, and i am constantly commuting to school....lack of sleep, blah blah....any ideas of what to do
  6. Hey guys, I was also diagnosed with celiac disease at a very young age, and then in university i noticed rapid pulse (over 85beats/min) and sweating at night. So then, as you may suspect, I had the Ab...soooo...Grave's disease. It sux bout ur radioactive iodine thing....all of this is sucky...especially when most of the ppl I know dont have any of my probs...its hard to find ppl to chat with. Im in school right now, and it pisses me off that most of my classmates are so full of energy pulling all nighters....and i feel so weak by mid-day and then gotta study all night (ya right). How can we function in a society where wheat rules and celiac drooles....
  7. Hey all, Just wanted to know if there are any fellow pharmacy students on this forum...?
  8. Hey fellow Canadians, Any Torontonians here?
  9. omg...u really have to rinse it before? I didnt know that....i hope its ok....what do u think
  10. Im gonna wait a little while..if I get hungry again I'm gonna make rice pasta and load it up with classico alfreado sauce...heheheh...so yummy
  11. I added molasses cause I'm trying to get my iron levels up...I have been dieting earlier in the year and I feel so tired...then I added cinnamon, and because we were outa milk i added soy milk...what a combo..enough to make u gag....
  12. Hey all, this is my first time on the forum...I can't believe I didnt join earlier. Ive been gluten-free practically all my life...just now I decided I'd eat quinoa and make it like a hot breakfast cereal because Ive been craving oatmeal however, I am still not sure if celiacs can eat oats...and the only oatmeal I have is quaker that red mill one...soooo...i tried quinoa and it tastes so bad.....just want to know what everyone thinks bout this.
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