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  1. Thanks so much KB, My son is 28 with a mind of his own and a love for bread so it's not likely that he would give it up on my suggestion alone. I will call the doctor and see if I can just drop by for a blood test. I hadn't thought of that. Thanks. I do want to go strictly gluten free regardless of the test for at least 6 months to see how I feel and see how much energy I have. I'd also like to lose weight. I vacillate between thinking I have GI and thinking I don't because so many lose weight yet I have gained. I do have low sugar and low iron though and wonder if it's due to malabsorbtion along with a lot of gas when I eat wheat. Thanks for the information.
  2. Hi everyone, On one hand I'm certain enough that I am gluten intolerant to go gluten free without the blood test. On the other hand if I do have celiac diseae then my son and his children along with my siblings should also get tested shouldn't they? So I feel obligated to continue eating some gluten until my blood test on the 15th. However I feel miserable. After being off gluten for a couple of weeks I re-introduced it and woke up about 5 hours later getting sick at my stomach, I then felt bloated and miserable most of the day. I continued eating gluten and had D the following day. I then stopped eating gluten and seemed to spend most of the day in the bathroom to pee. Is this normal? Even though I continued to eat high amounts of carbs in sweet potatoes and fruits? Another q I have is... If one eliminates grains but continues to get gluten in other ways such as soy sauce, cough drops etc... would you still feel better? Perhaps not as well as you could but then wouldn't you feel better just by injesting less? The reason I ask is that I thought I was gluten free but still feeling bloated but no D and found that the cough drops I have are not gluten-free and I haven't even begun to look at my soaps and shampoos etc. The next question is... could it be that these symtoms are from lactose and not gluten? My symptoms include the following: Although I consider myself pretty healthy, people comment on how I always seem to be sick. They also comment on how tired I look even though I don't always feel tired. It seems when I eat large amounts of gluten then I do feel tired for about 3 days. I have allergies and my nostrils are always dry. I've gained about 40 lbs and can't seem to lose it. About 5 years ago I use to get a small patch of scaly blisters on my forearm each spring. It would last for about 3-6 months then go away. It has stopped appearing. One of the glands underneath my right earlobe itch on the inside. I feel much better without eating grains but most grains contain some milk products as well as gluten. Your opinions are greatly appreciated.
  3. That's a good question.. I had been gluten free for a month while eating dairy and seemed to be doing well but came along and ate someone elses rice casserole where I didn't know the ingredients and had immediate D. Then I went on a binge of wheat products for 2 days. Then off gluten and dairy for several weeks until yesterday when I began to introduce small amounts of gluten to get ready for a blood test I'm having on the 15th. Yesterday the foul smelling gas returned and today after having a sandwich I felt extremely weak and my heart rate felt like it was racing. Is this what being 'glutened' is like? Can anyone help us out?
  4. Thanks for your thoughts. I think I will continue the diet as I do feel better although it seems to be a learning curve. I just ate some Jif peanut butter that has made me feel bloated and tired where I was feeling better before eating it. I thought I had read where Jif was ok. It wasn't CC because I just opened it and I had it on celery so... maybe it's the HFCS and maybe my lethargy is coming from candida. I also considered adrenal fatigue because I was under a great deal of ongoing stress. Losing my Dad and my GM and having my son and brother in Iraq as well as some minor stresses. I think a gluten free diet actually helps candida and adrenal fatigue so perhaps once I become well, it will all sort itself out.
  5. Hello, I've been lurking off and on for quite awhile. I tend to believe that I could have a gluten intolerance YET... as far as I know it does not run in my family. Isn't this more of a genetic thing? Also.. my symptoms are quite mild compared to some of you. I'm extremely tired, brain fog and lots of fould smelling gas but no big D or big C. My thyroid test say it's in good condition. I had an oxygen test to determine my metabolism and that is good. I don't have any mood problems or joint problems. I do have sensitivities to smells especially smoke and sweet perfumes and my 3 month glucose test showed I was border line hypoglycemic. I sneeze a lot and my nose is often so dry that it feels like it has scabs inside. It's hard to say how long this has been going on because I seldom eat grains due to my efforts in trying to lose weight. I gained about 35 lbs 4 years ago and have not been able to lose even an ounce. It was this inabiltiy to lose that first had me looking at the possibility of having a gluten intolerance. I did cut out all obvious gluten for a short time and I felt better but then reintroduced it when the holidays came around after convincing myself that it was Perimenopause I was experiencing and not Gluten intolerance. After going on HRT and getting no better, I have once again started looking at gluten as my enemy. I went off gluten for the past 3 days. I spent most of that time in the bathroom. Only once did I experience the big D and then it was dark stools that floated and frequent trips to urinate. What do you think? Is it foolish to think I could have Gluten intolereance? If I go to my doctor for a test, he's going to check for damaged Villi and I'm pretty sure he won't find any. I have also read where everyone who test with eco??? lab come back with a positive for intolerance so I'm not sure I want to pay $350. for a test where the results are questionable. Sorry this has been so long and so graphic. Thank you for any light you can shed on this.
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