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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Hi, I'm pretty new to this food intolerance thing, so forgive me if i'm talking rubbish, but would peeling the apples help at all?
  3. Thankyou for all the replies. I can see what Cassidy means, there is a lot of support here on this forum. I have the blood tests on Monday (so far away...) so I am eating gluten until then at least. I have an important trip palnned in three weeks so i'll prob skip it after they have taken blood at least til after my trip. I still think i'll have a difficult time with friends and family even if the blood tests come up positive, someone (i can't remeber who) said they always come up positive and the test is a bit of a joke! (aarrgh!!) Hathor, i agree with you that when i eliminate the foods and my mum sees the difference it's making for me, it might persuade her to give it a try, but i guess i can't make her as most of you have said. Thanks again for your support
  4. It's early days for me in the wheat/gluten free thing, i was looking on the web for foods that could cause constipation becasue no matter how much fibre i ate i still suffered. I came accross wheat intolerance and celiac and decided to try wheat free for a while. So last week i ate no wheat and hardley any gluten and saw a dramatic improvement. This week i am eating wheat cos i am having a blood test for celiac next monday, i really don't feels so good now. Don't get me wrong i am an active individual, but so was my mum who, as far as i can tell suffers very similar problems to me. My mum no longer goes to the gym and worryingly (sp) broke a rib last year and is now suffering joint pain along with a loss in height of about 1". When i approached her about the possibility of avoiding wheat (i didn't want to scare her with the whole gluten thing) she dissmissed it as a faddy diet. My boyfriend has also commented that it's all in my mind. How do i get these people to realise that i need support even if i don't have celiac but find a wheat/gluten free diet beneficial? For the record my symtons are:- *constipation *stomach pains after eating (not severe, but enough) *lethargy *bloated feeling after eating *i have been anemic several times *bad dandruff *headaches *loss of concentration *dark circles around the eyes *cannot breath through my nose much *when i can breath through my nose i have virtually no sense of smell *Wind/gas I'm worried that my mum could have had a gluten intolerance all her life and as a result is having problem that seem to point towards osteoperosis, also i might go that way too if i don't reaslise what the cause of my problems are.
  5. Hmmm...

    Just need a place to collect my thoughts, I'm think i may have a problem with wheat or gluten or both, this is why:- When i was a baby, everytime my mum fed me i would be sick - the doctors said it was where the muscles that keep food down weren't fully formed and i would grow out of it. As a todler my parents were worried about my lack of appetite, the doctors told them not to be silly, i would grow out of it, they resorted to leaving scraps of food lying around because i would eat a bite as i walked (or toddled) past As a teenager my eating habits resembled annorexia, i was never diagnosed but until recently i believed i had a problem (still not 100% sure) My weight didn't drop dangerously low so doctors didn't know this one. I have never in my life eaten a 3 course meal because i can't understand why anyone would want to, i can feel pretty horrible after eating 1 course! I had counselling end of last year because my bad relationship with food landed me in a vicous cycle, i needed the energy to work out (my fave thing to do) but i needed the clear feeling of not having recently eaten. I can never seem to balance my energy, in fact unbalanced is the best way to describe how I feel most of the time. A couple of years ago i had anemia, normal levels are 11 or above, anaemic is below 10, mine was 3.3 ( i don't know what its measured in) Although i haven't had blood tests to diagnose it again, i am pretty sure i have been aneamic on more than one occasion. Every time i go on holidays i lose weight, Coinidence that i choose different foods, steak and chips, grilled veg etc.. no wheat A year - 18 months ago there was blood when i went to the toilet, the doctor gave me laxatives and told me to introduce more fibre into my diet. I cut out white bread etc.. altough stupidly not white pasta. Things improved but still wasn't right, i checked online to see how much fibre i should be eating and found i was eating twice what most people need! So i looked around online for possible causes and came accross wheat intolerance, these are the symptons they listed:- * fatigue * nasal congestion * dark circles around the eyes * headache * muscle aches * irritability * abdominal pain * hyperactivity * attention deficits * memory loss Everything except the memory loss affects me, wow! so i asked the doctor, I realised i have never felt well, but never felt ill enough to see a doctor before. She agreed with me and has sent me for some blood tests (next monday) and said even if the results come back negative to simply avoid food that make me feel bad. I know if i have a sensitivity to wheat or gluten, then my mum has too, so i spoke to her about it, she said that it's too much hassle and that the symptons are vague and could cover any number of things, that annoyed me. There feel better now
  6. Just been to see the doctor and she agrees that wheat or gluten could be the problem, i have to go back for a blood test a week on Monday, and then it'll take 2 weeks to get the results. She also said that if it doesn't show anything on the blood test, that i should just avoid the foods that make me feel bad. Until i get the blood taken i am going to continue eating wheat cos I've heard it can afect the blood tests if i eliminate it now. I'm curious tho, what are they looking for in the blood, i thought celiac could only be diagnosed with a biopsy or something similar. Does anyone know, I'll find out when i get the results but thats 3 weeks at least!
  7. i already have a doctors appointment on friday for a prescription, i will mention it then. Thanks for the comments, it's reassuring to know that these things definatley can be caused by an intolerance, i'll post what my doctor says friday evening
  8. I'm not sure if my symtons are gluten intolerance, wheat intolerance or not. Any opinions would be welcomed. I read somewhere that people with gluten or wheat sensitivitys (sp?) are more likely to have dealt with eating disorderd because you can feel so bad after eating that you don't want to eat (me for most of my teens) Anyway here's a list of my symtons:- *constipation *stomach pains after eating (not severe, but enough) *lethargy *bloated feeling after eating *i have been anemic several times *bad dandruff *headaches *loss of concentration *dark circles around the eyes *cannot breath through my nose much *when i can breath through my nose i have virtually no sense of smell *Wind/gas *tingling in my feet (i thought it was my laces were too tight, but evidently not!) Please help, individually these symtons aren't much but together it's a bit of a pain!
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