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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I still must be missing something because I got another itching in the lady area yesterday. This is so frustrating.
  3. Got it!!! the bum itch, that is. My husband of two years has picked on me constantly since we got married about my "crabs". .. come to find out after 5 years of this weird, horrid, itch from Hell, it's DH! (I also have it on the base of my neck in my hair line, and on my belly) I am sorry others feel like I do. It makes me crazy sometimes. Still waiting on Celiac panel results... it's been 12 days now since the tests. ARGH. I'm going to try that cream! I'll try anything.
  4. No problem, I caught on! thanks so much. When I read about your pregnancy, and how it got worse after, I almost cried. I did so well while pregnant, a few breakouts here and there, but I felt really good (I now attribute this to the fact that I couldn't stand pasta or bread while pregnant!). Two weeks after the birth of my twins I broke out from my belly button to my thighs, and 13 months later, I am still dealing with the same breakout. I feel so helpless and miserable. Don't worry, Im not going totally gluten free until my tests are done, so they come back accurate! I ate gluten all weekend because I knew my tests were today. I am itching so bad, i can't stand for my poor husband to touch me. My valentines is going to SUCK!
  5. Just wanted to say, I just read your post, and I am just now trying the gluten free diet too. I am with you, Im scared of changing my life that much! I know I have to do it. I am 29 and have been suffering with chronic "IBS" and itching to the bone for many years. I hope your tests come back in your favor, as I am waiting for mine as well. Good luck!
  6. Hi guys, I am here because I just found out about HD this past Friday. I have had Gastric issues (Mild, mostly constipation) my entire life... i was told at 12 it was IBS. Again at 15, 18 and 20, I was told the same thing by 3 or 4 different Dr's. Since 2003, I have been dealing with the most intense itch and rash. I scratch until I bruise and bleed. It is mostly around my stomach, in my hair and on my neck, and around my pubic area. I feel like Im losing my mind because of the constant pain, burning and itching. It starts as tiny tiny blisters, that turn into a rough, crusty red patch once i began to scratch it. My thighs are covered in it. Since I had twins in Dec. of 05, my pubic area has been covered in the rash... which makes life miserable. It has come and gone, and moves aroung my body about once every 6 months. This past Friday, I saw a Gastro Doc, because a friend mentioned Celiac to me and told me to go see this Dr. He actually took a lot of interest in my issues and sent me today for a battery of tests to rule out Celiac. I should know something by friday. I am terrified that it's NOT celiac or DH, because then i'll be back where I started. In December, I saw a holistic Dr. that told me my rash looked like a Gluten allergy and she told me to go completely off of Gluten. I had no idea what i was getting into. I am here because I wanted to find out what other Dh rashes look like and if this even sounds like what other people suffer. I am tired of being diagnosed with Exzema, hives, psoriosis, stress... the best of all, a parasite! No cream in the world, no matter what the concentration of steroid, or antihistimine has ever helped.
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