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  1. I have been gluten free for over two years. Just the last year I am now lactose free too. My problem that I am having now is the EXACT same symptoms I was having prior to being diagnoised with celiac, diarreha, stomach pain after eating, malabsorption, food sitting really high, bloating, etc. I have done every blood work out there. I am not getting eating any hidden gluten because they checked my blood levels for that. Anyone else have this problem? I dont see my GI doctor until next month. I hate the wait. It is so annoying and I am tired of being sick. I can not go anywhere without having to stop INSTANTLY to go to the bathroom. It is getting embarasing. I just dont understand why I am STILL not feeling well, unless I have an allergy to something I am eating? But my diet has not changed other than eliminating the dairy. I even get sick eating my gluten free, dairy free, soy free bread. How pathetic huh?
  2. Well it has been a long time since I have posted so I will give you a little update. I am seven months pregnant and doing very well. We are so excited!! The pregnancy has gone very well and I am feeling very good. My Celiac has been under controll for a while now. I am finally realising what my body likes and dislikes...and this was prior to baby. I have not had the big D in almost six months. It has been really nice and I love feeling like my self again. Ok..so here is why I am posting. I need advise on how to handle in laws. My in laws have been great since I have meet my husband, over ten years ago. They are always helpful, polite, they stay out of our business but this is where I am having problems now. Since they have fund out I am having a baby they are constantly asking questions and wanting to be invovled in EVERYTHING. What do I do? I come from a small family and my twin and I had only each other and my family is NOT overbarring with anything. I am getting really stressed because it's like I can't make anyone happy. I changed the location of my shower to accomidate a half sister and now the mother in law wants to know why? Then my sister is throwing my shower (never get between twins.....) like everyone new she would and I told my sister in law she could help my sister so they have both scheduled a time to go get the stuff. Here is my problem...my sister in law called and want's to know if she even has to pay for stuff since her name isn't on the invitation as the one hosting the shower. My sister expects no money from anyone, butmy sister in law was like do I even need to give her money since my name is not on the invitaion? I was like she doen't expect money, my sister just thought would be nice to have her included in deocorating etc. What do I do? How do I make everyone happy. Why do people get so caddy about little things?I know I can't but I just am so tired of feeling overwhelmed. and of course it's not god for the baby!! Any advise would be great.
  3. Hi Everyone! I haven't checked in for a while but new right where to go to get advise. Last night my ignorant cousin said something to me and I almost fell out of my chair. We were all having dinner...brought my own noodles so I too could enjoy the spahetti dinner. We were eating and she said to me " I cant wait to get sick like you so I can lose weight". I was almost dumb founded at first. I told her first of all I am not "sick" , secondly I have an autoimmune disorder wich obviously like everyone knows a modification in your diet is the only way to go and thirdly, I have never eaten so healthy since being diagnosed that I feel really good and I actually am starting to lose weight from all of the bloating, malabsoption, etc. She was like "oh". I said you to could lose weight if you wanted to. First you would obviously need to change your diet. I told her I get to treat myself also, but I don't eat near as much junk and I use to. I just thought it was kind of rude, hence the lack of knowledge she has, that she would say I was sick. I have known people that have been sick, my friend with breast cancer, and I told her she should never wish upon herself or anyone for that matter for a sickness, just to lose weight. Let me tell you I piped right up after her comment to inform her of what is "really" wrong with me. I was not rude, yet I new I had to stick up for myself. At the end she was like, "ya, I guess that didn't sound right". I told her she needed to look up Celiac Disease so she new what was going on with me. Just thought I would share with all of you because I know it has happened to you. Take care.
  4. I haven't made mention about my mom on this forum so I will recap a little. My twin and I were taken way from my mom by the courts and we went with our dad and step mom. The best thing that ever happend to us. I love both my step mom and dad very much. They are my world. Well...the choices my mom has made in life are not the best. You know the wrong men, drugs etc. Well here is why I am writing. I know that most of you know that we are trying to have a baby. I have not spoken with my mom since May becuase of what she did at that particular time. This is like the millionth time I have given her another change. Well.. I am tired of it and chose not to talk with her. She keeps trying to call me and I refuse to speak with her. However she is speaking with my sister. She thinks that when I become pregnant she should be the first one to know. Ya right! She only wants to be around when she can take credit for somthing. She was an embarrasement at my wedding, was on drugs. I don't even want her around when we have kids. I don't trust her in my home and she is a liar. I am not going to tell her when I become pregnant. As far as I am concern she doens't exist. I know some may think this is a terrible thing to do...but I am so sick of her lies. She says that we mean the world to her yet she called me a f.... b...ch. Now you know why I don't put up with it. I am not hurt my anything she has done, I just am angry that she thinks I owe her everything. Uh.. so annoying. Thanks for letting me vent.
  5. There for a while a had been eliminating potatoes, eating Palo Diet, but lately I have been adding in potatoes. No particular reason. Well I had one tonight and my stomach is so huge. I look probably six months pregnant. Why? I know they have the toxins wich can cause abdominal gas, but this bad? I guess I have learned my lesson. I am miserable now. Does this happen to anyone else?
  6. I need advise on what type of gift, if any to give to someone who just sucessfully completed his 31 year career. I use to work with him, I was new to the job and he became my friend..not too many did. He is very sweet and I really appreciated him taking me in when I was new. Oh ya..he was the only one that kept in touch with me when I was off on workers comp for surgery. Anywy...need an appropriate/professional gift idea. Thanks!
  7. I am very sorry you don't feel well. My twin and I both had our gallbladders removed. We were no where as sick as you are but my twin always had the D. All the time. They tested her for everything even Celiac, but I was the fortunate who got that. The GI doctor gave her this powder mix that she takes every night before bed and she hasn't had D since. He was telling her that her system is making some sort of excess fluid, sorry not specific, but that mix solidifies it and she does not have that problem anymore. If you want any more info just let me know. I hope you feel better soon
  8. WOW! are you sure you are not my twin? I can totally relate to EVERYTHING you just said, accept for the long lost ex. I to am having a work crisis, hubby is way too stressed out, we work together,I want to start exercising but too lazy, I don't cook anymore. Today I have had chocolate, Coke, banana and potatoe chips. No wonder I feel like crap! I am sure things will get better, they usally do. I am really sorry though. I hope you have a better day. You know, I have issues with my mom, she is a pain...that is putting it nicely and let me tell you she has done some crappy things, but I just tell her the way it's going to be. She would control my life if I let her, but I don't. It makes it hard when me and my parents don't see eye to eye, so I know you must be feeling crummy. You just need to stay strong with what you want and believe in. As far as the food intolerance goes, are you just gluten free? I also eliminated dairy, accept small amounts of chocolate:), soy, eggs, etc. When I cook, I try to eat just fruit, veggies, fresh meat and salads. I feel really good when I eat like that and I have lost weight. I only eat the junk food(see above) when I get stressed out since it is so convenient. I also take a really good multivitamin and calcium supplements. I know one of these days I will start a workout routine, I know there is a runner in me , but in the mean time do what you can when it comes to exercsing. If you don't feel good, I am sure that is the last thing you want to do. Maybe you and hubby can go for a walk together or you can yourself. The little things help. I myself am stuck behind a desk ALL day and hate it, considering what I use to do. So now I have hubby cover the office and go for a walk, I shoot for 30 min, but atleat it is a start. Maybe you could do something like that. Best of luck to you. Keep smiling
  9. Well..I called and I guess that magazine is only issued every 4 months. So I should be expecting my next issue soon. I guess I will not renew after this though. I don't think it's worth it. I can buy books at the store cheaper than what my subscription cost me.
  10. A couple months ago I subcribed to the Gluten Free magazine that I saw people talking about on this site so I sent in a check and got one issue. Well..I haven't seen one in almost two months. What is going on? The only reason I rememebered is because I was cleaning and found my old issue. I need to call customer service. I sure hope I have there number. Anyone have this problem?
  11. I just finished reading "Taking Charge of your Fertility" so I will start my next cycle, unless I don't have one. I really liked that book, because It was very helpful. I just thought, maybe it might happen this month with a little more help using those kits. Who know, but I am looking forward to using the FAM. Thanks for the input.
  12. I use to go to Curves last fall right after I had my knee surgery. It was really helpful and I enjoyed it. The only down fall is that you can't add any weights so you will get to a point where you may feel like you are not challenging youself anymore, but...if you are starting out I would recommend it. Its a good way to get started on a fitness routine without getting so overwhelmed, wich I do with any exercies program. Honestly, you have nothing to lose. It's a nice way to ease into a work out program. Best of luck to you.
  13. I am getting frustrated because there is so much conflicting information on the time of a day to use them that I am so confused. The instructions say first thing in the morining, then I do research and they say twice a day, wich I plan on doing, but they give you a time frame of 11am-3pm and then from 5pm-10pm with at least 8 hr in between. What do I do? I want to make sure that I am doing this right. Any advise or suggestions would be great. First time using them so I am trying to not get discouraged but looking at the big picture.
  14. I know what you mean!! Thanks everyone for all the support. I hope I have a better day tomorrow.
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