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  1. Glad you are on your way to recovery. Perhaps the most important thing is that you have found this forum. The people and information here are priceless. The index is probably a good place to start. A few generalities that might be added... Gluten intolerance seems to cluster with quite a few other "unpleasant" conditions e.g. dairy intolerance etc. Genetics seems to be involved and the general trend seems to be that one segment of the human race has genetics from primarily meat eating ancestors who evidently didn't have a lot of diversity in their diets. Those with gluten intolerance seem to have more of these genetics. Which means that as much as the TV commercials make it look so appealing and natural to eat almost anything they try to sell you... Often by the time someone realizes they are gluten intolerant a great deal of damage has already been done from many different insults... and their health and resistance has already been highly compromised. It would be great and relatively easy if all one had to do was avoid gluten. But it is just the tip of the dietary "iceberg". Please spend as much time as it takes to search through the truly awesome knowledge on this site. One thing for sure is that when there is money to be made at anything... ethics and morality start slipping fast! And this holds true in the food industry and most of the other industries which are polluting our air, food, and water. You are beginning a journey of discovery of what is good to put into your body and what must not be. To your good health.
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