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  1. What if you can't eat flax seed? I don't seem to do well with that.
  2. Hi, I am a newbie to the board. I have a suggestion for you with trying to figure out what to cook for dinner since you love to cook. Record what your favorite meals are, or what you have eaten over the last month- gluten free of course... Then make a permanent grocery list that you can save on your computer. When you are ready to go to the store, go through and delete the items you don't need, print it off (or write it down if you don't have a printer) then DON'T save it. That way it takes some of the thinking out of your day! Also, if you discover that you have found a new gluten-free product or you find out that one you have been using all along has gluten make sure you adjust your shopping list accordingly. Also, I have been taking this as my personal challenge. I LOVE to cook...when I feel good. Which lately, not so much!!! But since I am working on changing my diet....again, I hope to feel better soon. Anyway, try to think of it as your opportunity to show your artistic gourmet talent. Then, could you remind me of this in about a month?
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