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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Hi. I am in Lansing and Lansing does have a Celiac support group that meets tonight Feb 26 at 7 pm. It meets at a church in Lansing at the corner of Haag and Miller Rd. (I do not have Celiac but my 9 yr old daughter does.) Lots of good people with lots of help will be there. Renae
  3. Your son just might surprise you will how well he can do. My daughter who is 8 gets a bit anxious also. I am a Medical Technologist (I do lab testing) so I hear all kinds of reactions from kids. I always tell my daughter that her job is to: 1. Hold still because it is very hard for the phlebotomist to get blood if you move. 2. Cry or yell if you want to--that alone will divert their attention--mom says it is ok to yell inside. Say this in front of the phlebotomist so they can be prepared. 3. Some places even have kids blow bubbles because it is hard to blow a bubble and freak out about blood drawing at the same time. We also talk about the "biology" part of this. I show her where to find veins, I've had her push on them to see how spongy they are.... We talk about why blood looks blue in the veins but is red in a vial. This has helped her feel more involved. That being said, a nice treat from the gift shop is always in order even if there is carrying on during the blood drawin process. Parental reaction is probably the most important thing. If you treat every thing matter of factly, your son probably will too. Good Luck Renae
  4. I am not Celiac but my daughter is. I had 5 miscarriages after my oldest daughter was born before they decided my progesterone level was low. I took progesterone suppositores for daughter #2, and oral progesterone for daughter #3 who was diagnosed with Celiac this year as an 8 yr old. (No symptoms except for reflux.) The drug manufacturer should be able to help with the gluten status of progesterone.
  5. I have one daughter with Celiac Disease and one daughter with EDS. Both are autoimmune diseases, I believe.
  6. There is a Foods For Living Health food store at 2655 E Grand River (go east towards Okemos from East Lansing. There is a Better Health food store at 305 N. Clippert (across from Sears). There is also a bakery that does gluten-free baking called A Piece O Cake at 4966 Northwind Drive. (I believe the owner has Celiac). Meijer has a healthy food section also where you can find gluten-free foods. Renae
  7. Hi, My 8 year old daughter has celiac and my 16 year old daughter has Ehlers Danlos (EDS). She has tested negative for Celiac. This is the first reference to EDS I've seen. Is there any connection between the two that you know of?
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