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  1. I've had lower right abdominal pains for years. It finally turned out to be adhessions. I had a very hard time getting anyone to really take that pain seriously. Celiacs and allergy to wheat are different. Go see a Gastorinterologist and get tested for Celiacs, provided you are NOT gluten-free...
  2. I believe one of the Benedryls contains a dairy product. I think it was the strips or chewables. Really I just can't remember. Call and check if dairy is an issue for you. Over the years I have noticed that if I take a Benedryl or now Zyrtec, when I have eaten out or had a gluten reaction start...
  3. Hi, I can offer my one safe meal. My family LOVES chinese food. We eat out at the local place maybe once a week. I always order "Steamed chicken and veggies with white rice - NO SAUCE" They are used to me now. I bring a small container of sauce with me. Sometimes it is plain soy sauce, sometimes...
  4. I really don't know what to call normal stools, especially for kids. I think it sometimes relates to what they have eaten...too much constipating foods vs too many fruits type of thing. Sometimes the consipating or diarrhea food is just something that gives that child a problem. If your child...
  5. Thanks! So what herbs/medicines do you take to make everything normalize? I know it must be related to some slight glutening issue, but i can't connect the dots.
  6. Anyone else have varying levels of gluten reactions? I know when I've been seriously glutened. I practically pass out, vomit, diarrhea, etc. When I touch gluten, my hands break open and bleed. But sometimes I just have a nasty temper, which is not like me, with no other signs of gluten. Everything...
  7. In my opinion, you know something is wrong with you, therefore you are not a hypocondriac. Find a doctor who will blood test, gene test, endoscopy until they get you feeling normal again. Also look into Entero labs for alternate testing if needed. FYI: Pregnancy can bring on symptoms of celiacs...
  8. Yes I know better and should have called first. But....I was hungry and in a rush..... I had bought the Jimmy Dean breakfast bowl (eggs, bacon, and cheese) for a quick and easy breakfast. I have not had a chance to call them yet. I thought Jimmy Dean had good labeling practices and there were no...
  9. I use Panteene and Suave products. I am also one of those people who has a contact reaction to gluten. I don;t know how or why, but I know when I touch gluten products like bread my hands break open, swell, and bleed. When I used to dye my hair, I too had all kinds of problems after. For some...