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  1. Hi all. I am new to this whole concept. My children and I have decided to go gluten free(ok I made the decision for them) My aunt has the gluten allergy and since its genetic...and we sem to have many of the smptoms...we are giving it a try. I think the main thing that prompted going gluten free was my sons ezcema. Its a whole body thing and hs been since I quit breastfeeding him. He is 5 now and I was at my whits end dealing with the constant open sores all over his body. We has emlinaited red dye, all soaps, shampoo, went thru every laundry detergent know to man and still no success. Of couse his diet otherwise was chicken nuggets and pudding. He is little for his age... and so skinny even though he eats nonstop. My daughter has ADD. And both of them always seem to have runny noses. My daughter always seems to have bowl problems either contipation or diarrhea. I have a whole assorted list of problems that the doctors just wanna drug up. I've had bowl problems since I was a child. any....maybe TMI there. The list seems to go on and on. I guess as of right now I'd like to know how soon we will see resuts. It's been 11 days since we started the diet. His ezcema had another major flare up and my stomach is still in turmoil. We didnt get diagnosed by a dr b/c our doctors (we went to 3 different ones) wouldnt even consider it. It's just ezcema they said...wouldnt even listen to the idea. Told me to go to a dermatologist who in turn gave him an antibiotic that did nothing for him.
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