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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I went to the gastro doc today.....had my hour appt....very nice doctor. Got my blood tests done and he gave me colazal to take until i get my results... He says hes had fabulous response from patients taking this? Anyone here have any experiences taking it? Thanks so much
  3. So my appt with the gastroentrologist is this Thursday. I have an hour long appt. I have been researching and am confused as to whether i may have celiac or LGS. After the gyny put me on a yeast free diet and difulcan for 4 months, my symptoms went away. Im best to see the gastro doc anyway to be sure right. I have a list of symptoms as long as my arm.... Is there any specific i should ask? Thanks for any advice you might have and also, if anyone has taken Threelac, i would love to hear your experiences with it. Im at my wits end with these symptoms and they dont seem to go away. thanks so much KirstySF
  4. Can anyone recommend a fast reliable online store or where i can buy it instore? Thanks so much Kirsty
  5. Thats interesting....my gyny put me on a yeast free diet and thats when i finally got rid of my bloated belly. Are candidas and celiac related? Should I be watching my sugar intake? Could the reason im now eating fruit be causing my bloated belly symptoms? Any thoughts and candidas related stuff you can tell me about would be appreciated. thanks
  6. I have found the both average....trader joes has a ok selction of brown rice pastas and as far as i know when i asked just one gluten free bread ( which was as hard as a brick) so i thought, ill just not have bread alternatives. Wholefoods has a gluten free bakery but most of it is frozen....lauras wholesome junkfood for cookies and nibble is good at wholefoods. Other than that, im just trying to stick to the basics...meat, veg, cheese, no breads (funny the weight is falling off everywhere but my gluten induced bloated belly) wish it would deflate SNIFF Im lucky enough to have a local corner shop full of gluten free goodies.... Good Luck!
  7. I have a question. Is it safe to take this along with aciphilodis (spelling? ) and l'glutamine? Or should I ditch the aciphilodis? and just take the theralac and l'glutamine? Thanks
  8. Thanks, Ill do that, going to wholefoods at lunch, so Ill check that out
  9. Oh, thanks, I didnt know it wasnt gluten free. Ill just stick with the separate pro-biotics than THANKS! Im still adjusting to whats got gluten and whats not
  10. Is anyone here taking primal defense and getting good results. I took it a while back regularly and felt it helped.... Im wondering whether to start taking it again as my main supplement. Anyone here take it? Its gives you a good clearing out if I remember correctly.
  11. Hi What supplements are good to take for suspected celiac.... Im currently taking acidophilus, gse and "folic acid" ( as i want to try for a baby this year) Just thought I would ask what you all take. Also...I would be interested to know what cause the bloated belly symptoms...mine just wont go away, im so uncomfortable.... thanks Kirsty
  12. Thanks so much everyone for your kind words and support.... Theres so much great info on this board....Im so glad Ive found it KirstySF
  13. The mucus I was referring too was not gyny related.....in my stools (sniff)
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