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  1. Many thanks everyone..this is really a great help. I know its going to be difficult at first..I am only just a beginner! I already had to tell my daughters Granny NOT to give her anything that I hadnt approved, its hard for her to understand I suppose.. Since being diagnosed though its frustrating when you tell friends and family that you have a condition and they think you are just on a faddy diet!
  2. Thanks everyone! Its great to hear from people with similar experiences to myself. I have started her this morning on gluten-free diet... she demanded weetabix at first but then I said we were going to have the same 'rice' cereal from now on..she seemed ok with this but I did have to pretend to sprinkle imaginary sugar on! I know that there are lots of things she can have that she has already eaten in the past..like potato and rice based stuff..I suppose its more the treat based stuff that she will notice. I am also hoping that her general wellbeing improves as well as her bowels as she constantly picks up colds and coughs more than my friends kids...and shes never full of energy either. When I spoke to my celiac dietician about my daughter..she said there is a reason why she has an iron deficiency and she should have a biopsy. Best Wishes and thanks again SWX
  3. Thankyou so much for your reply! It makes sense what you say I need reassuring and my instinct is that if I at least 'try' her on a Gluten Free diet its not going to do her any harm...when I went gluten free I felt the benefits quite quickly. I dont know why the doctors have advised me not to do this.. I am not prepared to just 'wait it out' for another year or so and watch her suffer. Will keep you posted Best Wishes SWX
  4. I am convinced my 26month old daughter is celiac. I have just recently been diagnosed aged 34 after suffering the majority of my life with digestion and bowel problems..I was told I had IBS!! its only when my symptoms became severe over the past 2 years my doctor with raised eyebrow refered me for a biopsy which was positive even though my FOUR celiac blood tests were negative..since being Gluten Free I am fine. My daughter however I am very concerned about as she rarely since birth has had a normal stool..she always has about 3 very loose motions a day which are grainy and foul smelling so potty training is difficult and she also complains of stomach ache too- along with being a poor eater. I have taken her to the doctor several times and she has been to see a consultant at the hospital who did the celiac blood test..it came back negative although he did discover an iron deficiency and told me this is common and there is nothing wrong with her. I took her back to my own doctor last month who prescribed her some iron and said she will probably grow out of it...the iron has made her stools worse and she looks so pale and still has stomach ache . I am going back to the doctors but I feel like putting her on the same diet as me for a few weeks to see if there is any kind of improvement (even though the consultant told me not to) I dont know what to do and in the meantime she is suffering. Any advice really would be great
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