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  1. Hmmmm, that kinda makes sense (that I am intolerant to gluten) but that sucks. Yeah I've tried the pasta route...not terribly fond of it....because I'd be hungry all night because I didn't get protein with my dinner. So last time I added some cranberry goat cheese...mmmm that was good. God Bless, Connie
  2. Ravenwoodglass and Dbmamaz: Actually I live in Canada...no copays. I pay a bit for drugs but that is it. But the health would be worth it. I can't imagine living a whole year sickness free. I am wondering about the restrictive list but I guess my next call will be to a NAET therapist to use acupunture to get rid of the intolerances. We are saving our pennies for that. Thanks for everyone's replies. You are a blessing to me. God Bless, Connie
  3. Thanks Salamandar: That was really uplifting. I have been back on the restrictive diet. My hubby and I have come to an agreement. I will be spending more money on food in order to keep my problems under control. We are pretty strapped so this is a big priority issue. Since I've started I've screwed up once...m&ms have soy in them I think. Oh yeah, and chocolate. Take Care, Connie
  4. I've had the thyroid test. I'm okay with thyroid. I live in Northern-Eastern Ontario and there are only 3 cases of lyme disease in my area a year. I seem to match some of the symptoms but I don't remember a bulls-eye bite. I don't think I'm going to try going back on gluten. That would just suck. Thanks Connie
  5. Hi: I am just about out of options. Here is a summary of what's been happening to me: 1. I've had diarrhea just about every day since I can remember. Many times I do not make it to the washroom. I have never been able to go for walks outside because that would just be asking for it. 2. I am just about 40 and currently having overwhelming fatigue (I sleep 17 hours a day) and nausea. 3. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder about 8 years ago and it was very difficult. 4. Last February I went to a naturopath that did a VEGA test. He said I was intolerant to a bunch of foods. Wheat, yeast, soy, dairy, meat/tomato combinations, meat/potato combinations, spinach, turnips, chocolate, tea, coffee, and msg. 5. After getting off all that wonderful food, my bipolar went away. I no longer had the ups and downs. I used to explain it that the diarrhea went away but if I screwed up even a little bit it came back. 6. In the summer I started having major fatigue and nausea. 7. In september/october time frame I took a remedy for yeast problems and my nausea went away. 8. In november the fatigue lifted and I was fine for 2 months. 9. In January I helped a friend move. It was a very stressful situation as there had been abuse and the next day I started with the fatigue again. 10. I have been cheating on my diet since about september. I have probably been not been extremely perfect about my diet since a couple months after I started. (try to ignore the following rant)I try to do the right thing, but I am so tired of not being able to eat anything. Soy is in almost every processed food. I hate cooking and everything I eat needs to be made special. The bread that I can have tastes like yuck. I can never have sweets. Every night for dinner we have a meat, rice and vegetable. Nothing with a sauce. None of the foods that make me go YUMM. 11. I have not had diarrhea badly since last february. But it used to be in February/March that when I had bad foods I would be very sick. I no longer feel the huge pain whenever I have a bad food (which tells me that I am cheating way too much and my body is back to the way it was). 12. In november I went for a endoscopy and on the way down they did a celiac's biopsy which was negative. But I'd been off wheat for 8-9 months (mostly) There is a lot of information here, I'm sorry. If anyone can help, I'd sure appreciate it. What I'm looking for is a course of action to see whether I actually have celiac's, and an idea whether the bad stuff in my diet is causing the nausea and fatigue. Thanks so much, Connie
  6. Once I am off wheat I will watch quite closely for problems with oats and barley and rye. Yikes this is getting bigger and bigger every day. Connie
  7. I have diarrhea quite regularily, like most every day since I can remember. It is preceded by cramps. I have never linked it to anything but I've never gone off bread before. I did a food intolerance test with my Naturopath. It is a Vega test. He didn't mention an intolerance to gluten. But I don't know if I was tested for that. I was tested for an intolerance to rye and oats and I'm okay with them does that mean I do not have celiac's? I will see in the coming weeks what happens...
  8. Really I don't even know what Celiac's is but I stumbled across this site doing a search for something else. I just had a naturopath do a food intolerance test and it came back with some expected and surprising results. I've always known I've had a problem with milk so it was no surprise that I'm intolerant to milk in any form but what surprised me was that I am also intolerant to wheat and yeast....and soy and turnips and spinach and the meat/tomato combo and the meat/potato combo and chocolate and coffee and tea and cola. There that's it. lol. Does that make me celiac? Or just intolerant to some foods in general? I get IBS like symptoms? Question for Ursa Major: I think you mentioned somewhere that you (or someone close to you) was intolerant to the meat/tomato combo...does the meat include poultry? Connie
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