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  1. Hello,

    I and both of my children have problems with corn. All corn products are off limits for us. When I eat corn my right knee hurts so badly I have a difficult time getting to sleep. I have to take motrin to get a little relief. I compare it to arthritis. It takes a couple of weeks for the pain to go away. I also have other food sensitivities which cause my pain.

    I once heard a presentation by a chiropractor who said the gut and the knees are linked somehow by their innervation. This makes sense. For the longest time my ds would limp whenever he ate gluten.

    Trust your gut. Do what you think is best for you and ignore the tests. They are not perfect. If you take a test and it comes back negative but you know that a certain food causes pain avoid that food.

  2. Hello,

    I have 2 children who have glutern enteropathy. I also have a gluten intolerance. (we will take the cheek swab gene test next year). I need a ROCK group in Southern California so my husband can become educated. He tries to keep them gluten free but he is not didlgent enough. At least once a week they seem to get into his gluten rich food. It is really frustrating. My 2 y/o ds gets into a gluten fit. He becomes extremely hyper and mean. He also becomes impervious to pain. My daughter cannot concentrate in school. I need some type of education for him.


  3. I voted for myself. I was breastfed until 4 months. My two children were both breastfed to over age two. My son is 25 months and he is still going strong. I think it is the breastfeeding that has kept him out of the hospital. When he is gluten-free he bf so much less, only at night to go to sleep. When he is on gluten he nurses almost all day.

    All of us have food sensitivities. My son is worse than all of us. He can't have soy, gluten, dairy, summer fruits and now eggs. The list keeps growing. :(:(:(:lol: .

  4. OMG your daughter sounds just like my 25m son. I put him on a gluten free diet for 2 months in July and August and he flourished. His stools became solid for the first time, he calmed down, he gained 6 pounds in the 2 months he was off, his swollen belly flattened, he stopped complaining that his belly hurt, he became a totally different child . Then my dh suggested we put him back on gluten so he could get tested. The problems started in November. His knee swoll up and he began to limp. We took him to the doctor who took blood and suggested he had a mild case of ricketts. I asked her if he might have an absorption problem d/t gluten intolerance she brushed me off and told me no.

    I took him back in December. He has had his blood drawn 7 times since 11/29/2006. Each time they take at least 5 vials. Last month they sent us to the ED because they said his blood count was dangerously low. Now they are sending us to a hematologist because of anemia that they can't seem to fix and a nutritionist becuase he is underweight. They refused our request for a gastroenterologist. Go figure. They said he does not warrant it because his gliadin test and stool fat test were normal. Yet his pediatrician says "something is not right with" my son.

    We now have him back on a gluten free diet and he is now doing a lot better. He has gained 1.5 pounds in 2 weeks, even with teething. His stomach is now flat again, he is a lot calmer, his lips are pink again. We are now considering the stool test by enterolab. Anyone out there have experience with this?

    I want him to be diagnosed so that when he goes to school they will be a little more diligent about making sure he doesn't eat the play dough etc.

    So sorry about rambling on. But I am so happy to hear/see I am not alone nor am I crazy.

    btw I have been gluten-free since 3/06 and loving the way I feel. No more depression, upset stomach, constipation, swollen face. I lost 27lbs in the 2 months immediately following my gluten-free diet. I have never been diagnosed but I feel so much better that I don't want to go on gluten for 2 months just so I can get a negative blood test.


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