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  1. What a pain in the neck. Really. A year. Crikey. Any idea about shampoo and so on. Could that stuff really get you when you're not ingesting it?
  2. Thanks Heather, I was wondering could it be deodorant, shampoo and soap? If I am not ingesting it, then i shouldn't be getting glutened, right? I find it really difficult to tell when i've been glutened because other than not absorbing iron, I had no other symptoms! Well feeling a little confused - the brain fog was another symptom. Moscow
  3. Diagnosed about two months ago. I think I'm getting better but I am not sure. I have recovered mu energy but the brain fog is still there making it rather difficult to teach a classroom full of kids. Why does it take so long for this brain thing to clear. I mean what exactly is the process? Am I slowly clearing out my system or what? Two more questions: Can I eat corned beef out of a can and is there any fast food that I can eat - not that I want to - it's just that the whole Coeliac thing can be tricky in airports.
  4. Thanks gfp - its not many a household that has a Russian dictionary sitting around. The problem here is that many things are simply not labelled at all. Some things say natural flavourings which i've learned to avoid. Anything your Russian acquaintance can tell me about places to shop and eat in moscow would be great - then again in August I'm moving the family to Uzbekistan - don't imagine they'll have gluten-free beer either. Again, many thanks for the advice - you prompted a mad rush to the kitchen to see if the vinegar was safe or not...it was. But maybe the stuff at school is not. That would explain the lack of improvement. If I get a few crumbs out of the toaster my family use on my gluten-free bread, does that really cause a lot of damage?
  5. Thanks for the reply - it does make me feel a little less....doing it all alone. So this brain fog happens to other people? For 5 weeks? Would there be days when i feel clearer than others? When I was first diagnosed and I stopped eating wheat I immediately felt better, but then I went back to the way it was before....but I'm pretty sure I've been wheat free. Is it an up and down thing? Some days you're feeling better and some days you don't? Ask for a glutin-free menu in Moscow. People think I'm making it up! Nancy - what about oats. There are these oatcakes that say guaranteed wheat free...but oats? Buckwheat? Something we have a lot of in Russia, but is it OK? Feta cheese? Any ideas? What about medicines? I'm constantly e-mailing companies but most of the time I don't get anything back. Sorry guys for all the questions but I've been driving people up the wall over here and this is the first time in weeks that I'm getting some answers.
  6. Well that is somewhat of a relief to hear someone say that. It got so as I started to think that I was going to feel this way forever, and I can't get a straight answer out of a doctor. So it's not that I'm still glutening myself mysteriously - there's barely anything I can eat at work so I stick to the salads but I put cheese and oil and balsamic vinegar on it as well as some sort of ham. Good grief - ham is OK isn't it? I was about to open some Danish tinned ham tonight, looked at the label and saw gelatine. What's gelatine when it's at home? Now for a Gin and tonic...although the tonis is Russian so who can tell.
  7. I am 40, an American living in Russia and out of the blue am diagnosed with this Celiac thing. They scoped me in New York about 5 weeks ago and I'm on a wheat free diet which isn't fun for me and particularly the family. This is new to me so I have a few questions and there are not many English speaking docs here who have a lot of knowledge. I went in feeling a little 'off', lightheaded and tired and it turned out I had really low iron. Like 7 whatevers. So off I go to NYC, get scoped etc and 5 weeks later I am still tired but more importantly vaguely off and ever so slightly mentally confused which can be tricky as I teach for a living. Is that normal? All the sites seem to say, everyone got better the second they took wheat out of their lives! Here I am and I'm taking iron and not eating wheat but I still don't feel 100% normal. How long does it take? Is there anyone else like this? Does this mean I need to panic or what? Could the Doc have misdiagnosed me. (Unlikely I imagine) A few other areas of confusion - is a gin and tonic OK? Does anyone know if I can get Glutin-free beer in Moscow? Will I ever be able to take my family out for a meal again? Any advice especially on recovery would be most welcome. Dazed and confused.
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