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    Painting, playing guitar, playing pool, bowling leagues, fishing, camping, movies and doing beaded jewelery, and most important, church.
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  1. Paula,

    I dont blame you and to be honest this is exactly what has been on my mind the past couple days.

    I too wont be posting anything on this board with regards to my health issues, treatments, doctor appt.'s or anything of that nature. I feel its not in my best interest to do this anymore.

    Of course if anyone is interested they can always email me....and I will be happy to share any new developments. :)

    No more sharing my personal experiences on the board though. ;)

    Okay, I guess I won't either. :angry::)

  2. Hey everyone,

    JUst wanted to tell everyone to have a happy thanksgiving early since I won't have access to a computer tomorrow or thursday.

    Yes I will be making a turkey, pumpkin pies, persimmon cookies, stuffing and gravy. Yes I will eat some of it and yes I will be telling myself I will never do that again when I probably will.

    I am thinking of starting the SCD thing soon, but it's so hard with the holidays and holiday parties.

    P.s. don't eat anything I would.

  3. epsom salts I don't know, Rachel might have posted this already.

    Here's some good info I picked up on the use of epsom salts. It shows how you can make your own creams.

    Sorry about all that junk going on Rachel. Your mom's condo, your FRIEND ;) leaving and stuff. Well they say bad things happen in three's. At least your brownies were rescued. Which brownies are those? Do you make them or are they pre made?

    Where have the J's been? Julie and Jin?

    My mom came home today from work. She has been sick for awhile. I am starting to get a little worried. She had a mild stroke a few months ago. She caught a bug last week and this week she feels nauseaded. Last week was just sinus stuff like sore throat, cough and stuff runny nose.

    Hope she is okay for Thanksgiving next week. I don't want her to feel bad or anyone for that matter on the holiday's.

    I have a christmas concert here in the valley that I am singing in in a few weeks. Anyone want to come? :)

  4. I just have this weird feeling recently that the pain in my jaw is actually my parotid glands, and the swelling and pain in my neck and head are from glandular dryness.

    I just feel so aware of those parts of my body the last coupple days, nose is dry, eyes, dry burning, brain fog, head pressure, dry cough... I usually wake up in the morning with a mild panicy feeling. I think its my autonomic nervous system (sympathetic) kicking in.

    I get this way when I am around mold. My grandma's house has mold and now that she is putting the wall heater on because it's cold here in the morning I am reacting again. But instead of the dry mouth I salivate more. :huh: It smells musty too. I hate that. :angry: But my grandma's house is old. Yeah I get those symptoms first thing in the morning.

    I took an epsom salt bath yesterday and my whole body aches today but I don't feel toxic. I almost vomited and passed out in the bath though. I think I stayed a little too long in the bath because when I got up I felt dizzy and my heart and throat were pounding 2,000 times a minute.

    I will never do that again. :rolleyes: I think my heart is still affecting me today. I am going to get some zeolite and agarigold today, yay.

    Oh and I got a job starting Feb 2, 2009 at the IRS. I will be a tax examiner, so nobody from California better cheat on thier taxes! ;)

  5. Andrea, the funny thing is that my food also smells. My mom says my food smells bad when I cook it on my period. I wonder if it's a toxic period gas coming off my body? :huh: I think my jouney with toxic food and candy bars and ice cream will be coming to an end.

    I haven't had my waiora zeolite either for 2 months so I think the toxicans are back full force.

    Nora did you have to buy a special foot detox spa to use?

  6. Hey everyone

    I had a job interview today and I think it went pretty good. The lady was impressed by how much I knew about organic foods and meats. :) It's a gourmet pizza place called Pizza F usion. Ever eat at one? They make gluten free pizza and organic pizza's, sandwiches and salads. They even have gluten free beer paula called redbridge I think. They deliver pizza's in hybrid cars as well.

    I asked the lady what kind of cleaners they use at the store and she said they are eco friendly green cleaners. Nothing with toxins. Cool huh? So I have a second interview with the owner and store manager. She passed me with the first interview. Only the people she feels good about she says she passes.:)

    The store is brand new. Opening on Dec 16 of this year. So we had our interview at Starbucks across the street. I hope that I get the job. Waiora is slow and so is the catering. So well see.

    Oh p.s.

    Hershey's chocolate is constipating but cheap.

  7. Blech!

    I started taking Flagyl this week and my tummy hurts! The doctor warned me this will happen, and I assume it will get worse as I increase the dosage. (I'm taking 250 mg tablets, starting with one and working up to six by the end of the week).

    Any ideas on what I can do to help the nausea? If not, a little pity would be okay, too.

    I couldn't tolerate Flagyl. Uhuh, no way. I felt so sick, nausea, diarrhea, body aches and chills. I tolerated cipro better than flagy. I don' t think Rachel tolerated it either. I stopped taking mine after five days.

    They gave it to me for BV, but that's due to the lyme. It didn't work. Didn't clear up the infection.

  8. Yay, I just voted an hour ago. In my small city of Parlier CA., no line, I just walked right in and voted. I got two stickers, so does that mean two free coffees? :P Just kidding. I never voted before in my life!! It felt good, like my vote made a big impact.

    My voice was heard today. So yeah it was good. :)

  9. Wow Rachel, that's crazy that you had to take those prep. drugs. The only ones I took were progesterone because of my periods, but they didn't help and nystatin, that didn't help either.

    I was writin off about 10 different RX's but I knew in the back of my head that they wouldn't really help.

    I was prescribed nuerontin, lythium, romeron, zelnorm for C, elmiron for bladder and 12 treatments with a catheter up my urethra with elmiron. That wasn't fun. :angry: Cymbalta and other depression and anxiety drugs. Oh and vesicare for bladder spasms but that worsened my C.

    I got worse when I took antibiotics for a so called bladder infection. I did take these: amoxicillin, ciproflaxin and flagyl. My constipation and gut got worse. :(

    Are you taking anything for the yeast? I heard that diflucan is good?

    Ugh I feel sick, too much candy last night! I helped out at my church with game booths and there was cake and candy everywhere!

  10. Wow Rach, that's a lot to chew up and swallow. I'm glad were gettng somewhere in this though.

    I know my gene makeup is probably mutations to. I was always a sick kid but it stayed dormant through my 20's and I got sick with this in my early 30's.

    Hormones rage when you are in your teen so maybe I was always getting sick in my teen's. I had caught a teribble virus that Dr. M. says I am still carrying on to. He seemed concerned about this. I got the virus when I was 17. I went down to 90 pds. I couldn't eat anything or I wanted to vomit. I had spanish influenza type A.

    I thought I was going to die then! Looks like a lot of work is cut out here for you. But I was wondering how can you change that mutation thing going on?

  11. It seems like Dr. W. is saying the same thing as Dr. K and many of the other doctors......the Lyme is where the metals are. Lyme and mercury go hand-in-hand.

    I do think that it makes perfect sense.....it would be much harder for Lyme to get a foothold without the presence of mercury. Its a very strong immunosuppressant and this creates the perfect environment for the infections.

    It looks like Americans are carrying heavier loads of mercury than the Germans. The Germans are recovering from their infections much quicker than we are.

    These bugs werent causing me any noticeable problems until I got hit with a big load of mercury. Even if they were impairing my ability to detoxify....it wasnt noticeable...I had ZERO sensitivities prior to the mercury exposure. I could eat whatever I wanted and I wore perfume everyday without being the slightest bit bothered by it. I had never experienced a reaction to ANY chemical until all AFTER the exposure to mercury.

    The only sensitivity I had noticed was the skin sensitivity to metals....but it was nothing like it is now.

    Yeah, I was the same way. I only got sick after this dentist lady took out one mercury filling. Then it was all downhill from there. Then I got four replaced by a so called biological dentist which I don't believe he was at all. He would dump the mercury in a sink next to me so that cant be good.

    It makes me so mad that I could have picked a better dentist and not be as toxic as I am right now.

    What is a skin sensitivity to metals??

  12. [quote name='littlelymie19' date='Oct 26 2008, 12:57 PM' post='47

    Hmm...I'm really curious about zeolite now. I've heard that charcoals and clays can be really constipating, do you think zeolite is similar in that sense?

    Oh I'm excited to hear about how things go then on Wednesday! I've gone to him numerous times now with test results that show that I don't test well for anything. He'll have some ideas. Dr. T definitely believes that "less is more", but Dr. P tends to push a little harder. He'll definitely understand though if you don't feel comfortable with something, or if you want to go slower.

    I haven't had any genetic testing done. Have you? Does Dr. P do that? He's never brought it up with me. He's done a ton of amino acid based tests to check my methylation, with a few other tests for things like metals, immune function, adrenal function, lyme, and things of that sort. In your opinion, do you think genetic testing is helpf

  13. Everyone,

    Have any of you dont an pesto of garlic, parsley and olive oil to move out metals. My moms besft friend is heavy metal toxic and she said I need to mix those ingredients together and start off with only one teaspoon an day and slowly move up to 4 teaspons by then end of the 14 day.


    I wouldn't do it.

    Hey Rach, sounds like a good visit. Yeah iodine is real good. Dr M. gave me a bottle of it and I still have half.

    It helped me I believe to start my regulars again.

    That amour that the bacteria is so right on. I talked with Dr. M. C. of Waiora and he said that he believed that lyme and co infections have a protective shield of some sort. Maybe he didn't realize it was heavy metals that were the amour though. So how can you get rid of the co infections if they are covered with metals and stuff like that?

    It's like our pipes are clogged up and we need drano.

  14. Just browsing through. So I am quite tired. Yesterday was my mom's birthday, so I made her a birthday dinner. There are three birthday's back to back. Mine was the 3rd, the 8th my mom's and the 15th my brothers. So I made dinner last night for ten.

    I made pizza, calzones and rigattoni. I was in the kithchen for 7 hours straight. Will I ever do that again? :wacko: Maybe in like 5 years. So yeah, I ate lots of bad food. I also made a homemade German Chocolate Cake. My mom is a senior now. DISCOUNTS!!!

    Has anyone seen Beverly Hills Chihuahua?

  15. Last night I was craving steak and chocolate, LOL. I had been out of iron supps and didn't feel like going to the store. I always crave steak when my iron is low. Adam bought the iron two days ago before he went out of town. Last night I had the steak and chocolate for dinner. Today I woke up 2 1/2 pounds lighter and feel much, much better! Be watching for my new book - The Steak and Chocolate Diet! :lol: :lol:

    My air hunger was always my symptom that was the first to come back whenever we'd wean me off abx. I am off everything for a couple weeks now and am having no air hunger. I guess it's the immune suppressive effects of the abx that would make me feel better .... plus, getting rid of the Lyme, of course. The air hunger being gone is very strange .... this was the first symptom I went to the doctor for several years ago prior to my Lyme diagnosis. I never had this symptom prior to getting that mattress ..... I was tested for asthma, but was told the air hunger was actually hyperventilation. I had other symptoms of Lyme dating way back, but never the air hunger till the mold exposure.

    I am the same way too! When I was at my weakest, 84 pds. I craved eating the fat off of steaks and chicken.

    Also when I am out of my VC supplement I crave orange juice a lot.

    My air hunger was at it's worst when Ryan use to smoke MJ in the house. Now I don't have it as much anymore. I also get it more when I use thing with SLS in them or eat ice cream a lot.

  16. I Yeah yeah.....I know the economy is crumbling all around us....but VESTS are back in style!! I couldnt stop myself! :lol:

    I got 3 new vests...was walking out....then saw the cutest beret-ish looking cap....I found myself back at the register. :ph34r:

    my life on hold for these brownies. :D:lol:

    Vests are back in style!!! I still have mine from 1989. I knew I was holding on to them for something. :D

    But I dont think I every owned a beret though.

    Did Dr. M. wear that vest all the time when you went for your visits Rach? How about his little pouch purse? I love those kind of small pouchy purses. I don't like those big diva, bling bling purses. My mom has like 2,000 of those purses.

  17. I had to wear pink last week when I went to the old spaghetti factory. My mom wore pink also. It was a birthday bash so we had to wear our birthday colors. I like pink. It use to be my favorite color in high school.

    I think about 25% of the women there were born in October.

    I even had pink converse shoes once upon a time.

    Gurt, I don't know, doesn't sound attractive. Maybe he should call you yoggie. :P

    I catered a party a few weeks ago. It was at someone's house, in thier backyard. It was cool because Jamie Lee Curtis was thier. She told me and these other six girls thank you for everything and that we were doing a great job.

    I felt star struck. :wub:

    I'm still pounding the pavement though looking for a better job.