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  1. Is it a stomach or GI tumor? It is possible, as the tumor is sometimes a result of damage to DNA after birth. http://www.cancer.org/Cancer/GastrointestinalCarcinoidTumor/DetailedGuide/gastrointestinal-carcinoid-tumors-risk-factors
  2. Thanks Raven. I know your history too and it helps that others here understand. I think she and my dad have both had the blood test for celiac and were negative. That's the killer. But my blood was negative (while on gluten but after positive biopsy that found celiac by "accident"), my son...
  3. I'm going to resurrect this old thread rather than start a new one. I know the OP isn't still around but raven and mushroom are. Hope to get input from anyone who has polymyalgia rheumatica. My mom was diagnosed with polymyalgia rheumatica this week. She's been in terrible pain for months and...
  4. My son is strongly casein-intolerant (and likely celiac, though undiagnosed) and I was undiagnosed celiac when pregnant. He was always fussy as a baby and never felt "well" as a child, but we didn't isolate his reaction to cow's milk protein until he was 15. I'm glad you're interested in that...
  5. Hi, I just read your post about your wonderful recovery after going gluten-free...(no pain, etc) It's very encouraging! THANKS for sharing it. (I had the early menopause thing too, four miscarriages..among a million other symptoms:<(...) but I am hopeful now that I am gluten-free! :>) things are starting to improve.

    So, thanks!

  6. OK, I just did a search on the "Support Groups" forum and found this thread: It looks like these people are in mainland China, but they have some good hints. Maybe send these posters a private message (PM) and ask for ideas.
  7. Gosh, that's a hard one. I love to travel but have decided that with celiac, I won't be going to Asia unless I can go with someone who is fluent in the language. It might help to know if you're there for school or if you work for a US corporation or are with a friend/family member who is Chinese...
  8. I know that there are some teas that have gluten, especially Japanese teas that have barley in them. Some herbal teas may too. I don't know about Earl Grey, except that I haven't had any in 20 years because it made me sick (pre-diagnosis). I do always ask to see the label in a coffee shop, and...
  9. Add me to the list. Mine are always spiders and/or webs. I haven't had one in a while so maybe they were related to gluten. I always thought it was part of my other sleep habits, like talking in my sleep and not remembering later or getting up, walking across the room and turning off the alarm...
  10. I think the most recent statistics are that 40% (including me) were overweight at the time of diagnosis. I am (too) close to being obese...scary. I think my body still thinks it's starving. My nutritionist told me at diagnosis that my body thought it was starving so it held on to every last calorie...
  11. Give it more time. I used to have this all over but noticed last summer after a year gluten-free that it was gone. I hope it clears up for you...maybe next summer you'll be wearing shorts and short skirts!
  12. I have horses and chickens. Their feed contains wheat, rye, barley, oats. So I wear a dust mask and am very careful. I wash my hands after taking off my barn jacket and gloves and I'm careful not to touch my mouth or nose. I'm still worried about it... If you are out in the fields...
  13. I signed up years ago to be a donor and was very unhappy to read that it might be a problem. I haven't taken myself off the list yet but next time they send me an update form I'm going to fill it out and see what they say. ~Laura
  14. I believe that the answer is "NO". There is a documented case of someone getting celiac from a donor, although the donor was his sister, so the donee may have gotten celiac anyway at some point. http://www.nature.com/bmt/journal/v20/n7/abs/1700926a.html http://www.springerlink.com/content...