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  1. hello everyone, i'm off to my pcp tomorrow (who by the way wouldn't recognize me for the life of her, god gotta love hmo's) anyway, i'm planning to ask for many tests to find out what's going on with me. i do however, have a question about stools (can't believe i'm asking these questions) tha i hope people here might be able to help. i have had a series of problems for 8 months now. i've been to neurologist, cardiologist, ent, had cat scan of head, mri of head and c spine, eng tests, mammogram, gyn exam, optometrist, orthopedic doctor and mutilple blood tests....all negative. my symptoms persist as sinus congestion, vertigo, muscle aches, bloating, brain fog, depression, no energy, sleep issues, increased flatulence, no weight loss but no real appetite and i'm sure there are more (did have eye issues and tingling sensations but they've gone away) okay, my questions what are fatty stools and how do i know if i have them? are stools supposed to be a certain color? are several bowel movements a day too much? what are foul smelling stools? my stool does not smell like stool, god i'm embarrased saying this but it's almost acidic smelling, they're yellow/orange and brown, and i stool three/four times a day. any help would be appreciated, i'm so doctor a phobic that i'm in a panic about going tomoorrow. thanks again for any help/support nursey
  2. hi there, i always think it's good to rule out other diseases that "mimic" one another. i too have been worked up for ms and found to be negative. and i believe my doctor. my mri scans were clear, my blood tests were normal. most neurologists will test for lyme when a person presents with neuropathy, as well as b12, folate, syphillis, hiv, thyroid, etc. there is big controvery over lyme vs. ms and i know many boards i have visited in the past have shown people diagnosed with ms trying to be convinced by people with lyme that it's not ms they have but lyme. then there told to pursue lyme doctors and special lab testing, paying out of pocket to be diagnosed. if it's ms, steroid treatment, helps a great deal. if it's lyme, antibiotics seems the way to go. but, you really need to "listen" to what you feel is maybe wrong. personally, i've been dealing with an odd array of symptoms for 8 months now. and with the internet at your disposable you learn alot. i've learned that people will try to convince me that i have lyme, even though i'm negative. i've learned that even though my tsh was normal people will say, test your free t3 and t4 and if their not optimal then it's thyroid. want tmj, people will convince you have it as well. i've never seen anyone on the ms board try to convince me i have ms or any other boards with the more dreaded illness. just my thoughts. the reason i'm here is trying to exclude another possibility. i've recently read articles that states celiac does not present as gi symptoms in a percentage of people and people who have celiac could present with neurological symptoms. so i'm on to another possibility. i too have had many neurological symptoms but have gi symptoms as well. neuro symptoms came first so i think it could be a possibility that they're connected or i have several different things going on at once (lucky me). good luck and welcome
  3. hello everyone, i'm new here and am searching for answers. i really never thought much about celiac until i accidently came across some information and thought it might be a possibility. i'm a 39 year old mom to two boys. work part time as a rn. for the past six months i've had so many strange symtpoms and am undiagnosed as of yet. my symptoms brain fog/dizzyness (kind of feel like i walk around drunk (and i'm not) and just can't shake it. muscle aches/pain no energy sleep disturbance weakness irritibility constant sinus congestion dry skin, peeling hands some tingling in strange places abdominal bloating excessive gas (i've never had this problem before) i don't each much and don't lose weight always feel full (and i've always been a good eater, i'm not small i'm 5'1, 145lbs) bowel movements (four times a day, sorry but they're like tootsie rolls and my children's 5/6 are much bigger than mine) i'm just not the same person anymore. yesterday i ate a blueberry muffin and two slices of pizza, that's it. and i'm still full and not hungry this morning. i've been to a neurologist for possible ms, mri of head and c spine negative, neuro exam negative, went for an eng for vertigo, negative, cat scan of head negative, cardiac workup negative, tsh, folate, b12, cbc, chem 7, lyme, sed rate all normal. even had a mamogram, normal. went to ortho for sciatic pain, hips and knees normal. went to opthamologist, eyes normal, don't even need glasses. i go back to my primary next week. does anyone have suggestions? has celiac presented like this and taken this long for dx for anyone? thanks for listening, i'm just so tired of feeling like this and i'm starting to become very frightened i have some sort of cancer. karen
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