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  1. Yay glad you joined too!
  2. Oh that is great news...Diestel is the brand I normally purchase..thank you for your help!
  3. Hi Everyone..I'm new so hopefully I am not bring up something that is obvious to everyone else! On the list of "bad foods" it lists "processed meats" does that mean deli meat? If I were to shop at Whole Foods or a similiar organic store would their deli meat be processed with something containing gluten? What am I avoiding here? Thanks to anyone who knows the answer!! SerahLily
  4. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome!
  5. Hi All, I just wanted to say hello and hopefully I will be on here for quite awhile! I have known for over a year of my gluten intolerance but with another doctor getting on my case and my thyroid spiraling out of control I figure its time to be a responsible adult and quit doing it half assed:P Today is gluten free day #1. I was so excited to find this forum...I hope it keeps us all on track. Good luck everyone! SerahLily
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