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  1. I just had to get on this forum in the hopes i can prevent one other person from getting an endoscopy. I know the doctors have their reasons, but before you blindly go to get this test, please read my experience: I had some severe stomach pain and bloating which sent me to my doctor. She gave me the blood test for Celiac Disease and my blood numbers were off the charts. In hindsight, I'm sure I had celiac my entire life. I was sent to a not-so-knowledgeable GI specialist, who insisted a get an endoscopy to confirm the celiac diagnosis. I wish I asked why I needed an invasive test when the blood test was SO positive!! Instead, I blindly followed his advice and went to get the endoscopy. I have since asked, and he tells me it was to differentiate a gluten allergy from actual celiac disease. But if the treatment is the same, why did i need an additional test? Due to the endoscopy, I have permanent and severe acid reflux. It started immediately after I woke up from the procedure. I modified my diet to exclude coffee, caffiene, tomatoes, spicy foods, alcohol, chocolate and mint in addition to all gluten containing foods. Still, I need medication every day. My celiac symptoms went away after only months on the gluten-free diet, but the stinging pain of acid reflux haunts me now 4 years later. I know my acid reflx is due to the endoscopy because i NEVER had acid reflux (not even once), before the endoscopy. Now, I'm pregnant, and the only acid reflux medicine that works for me is a Class C medication (which means it is not proven safe for pregnancy). While my doctors tell me my need outweighs the risk, I'm again regretting blindly following that doctors advice. My family members and children will all get the blood test for celiac disease, but I won't let one of them get an endoscopy.
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