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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. oh, incidently, if you read the newsletters on this site, you will also notice that a lot of people cannot digest ANY complex carbs for sometimes a few years after diagnosis, while their villi recovers. That is because that part of the intestine is where starches are broken down. Corn is on of those. So what happens, is thse mollecules, unbroken down, keep travelling down yur gut, where they are unusable because of their unboken down shape, and they ferment and feed bacteria further down, which riles up your immune system and gives you these, or other, side effects. I have been there, and don
  3. now, why the hell would you even want to eat those???If celiac has taught me anything at all, it is the importance of nutrition on your life. Did you see the color of those things??? Do you see ANYTHING in there that is of ANY nutritoinal value, raw, unprocessed, full of vitamins and enzymes, wholesome? Is Msg what you look for in a good snack? I was allergic to msg long before I was aware of being a celiac. Have you noticed how you feel after you eat those? pasty mouth, thirsty, loaded, unsatisfied, wanting more of something, you just don't know what, something to get rid of that overwhelming
  4. Well my cycles first got irregular when I got off gluten, then after six months, they plain disapeared, product of a general state of malabsorbsion. If you don't have enough energy for yourself, your body shuts down the less necessessary reproductive functions. I didn't start menstruating untill almost 18 anyway , courtesy of being poisoned day in and day out by gluten. Nine months after menstruating disapeared and 15 months into fixing the general disrepair left by the onset of celiac, I started menstruating again. It is varying withing one week, closer or farther, and the pain factor rides
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