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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I had to give up dairy to get rid of DH, and there is a miracle recipe to get DH back: three days after eating dairy, it is back like a charm. A friend of mine who isn't gluten intolerant claims the same thing happens to her.
  3. OKRA,KOMBUCHA, KIMCHI, NO DAIRY, well, I never heard of okra as a healer until I bought some at an asian market, checked it out on the internet to see if it fit my specific carb diet, and discovered it was used to heal cattle's intestinal problems. So I tried it causciously and did well with it. I have been eating it once a week as part of my rotation diet. I am happy to report that three and a half years after declared celiac, I can now eat most starches again. (that is six months after starting okra, and I don't know if it had anything to do with it).It has been a long haul, and I did wonder at times if I'd ever get better. I have made my third batch of gluten free waffles without guar gum or xantham gum, because those are questionable for the intestines and I am planning on making my own bread as well, since all the store bought kinds contain gum. I think that the turnpoint in my recovery was when I finally faced the fact that I cannot do dairy either. no gluten, no sugars, no corn, no soy, and finally no dairy either. then things got better and I could start eating starchy foods and sugars again within a few months. I must also give credit to kombucha and Kimchi for helping repopulate the good flora/fight the bad flora. I still do those regularly, besides, I like them, Kombucha is a satisfying replacement for beer, kimchi is a fine condiment . It is hard to pin point what does what, but getting off dairy was essential.eating smaller quantities of food might have been important too, not easy when you are hungry ALL THE TIME, but probably contributing to reducing the putrefaction in the intestine. Also, I do B12 injections, and I am convinced that it is not a luxury. when I delay my next shot, I get very run down, and within two days of the injection, I have a surge of energy. I don't think that the sublingual ones were cutting it for me. I have slowly been putting on some weight, I have stopped been cold all the time, and my energy level is pretty good again. As one sees progress , the moral gets better too.
  4. oh, incidently, if you read the newsletters on this site, you will also notice that a lot of people cannot digest ANY complex carbs for sometimes a few years after diagnosis, while their villi recovers. That is because that part of the intestine is where starches are broken down. Corn is on of those. So what happens, is thse mollecules, unbroken down, keep travelling down yur gut, where they are unusable because of their unboken down shape, and they ferment and feed bacteria further down, which riles up your immune system and gives you these, or other, side effects. I have been there, and done that , included lactose in my case. But if you can give your system a rest from the constant aggression it is under when poor digestion occurs, you do get better. Noone said it is easy, but it is worth it.Good luck.
  5. now, why the hell would you even want to eat those???If celiac has taught me anything at all, it is the importance of nutrition on your life. Did you see the color of those things??? Do you see ANYTHING in there that is of ANY nutritoinal value, raw, unprocessed, full of vitamins and enzymes, wholesome? Is Msg what you look for in a good snack? I was allergic to msg long before I was aware of being a celiac. Have you noticed how you feel after you eat those? pasty mouth, thirsty, loaded, unsatisfied, wanting more of something, you just don't know what, something to get rid of that overwhelming salty taste... I wouldn't touch those with a ten foot pole regardless of what they do for my skin. Try cutting up an apple and savor it instead of cheetos. Take note of your body's response after. Energy, clean palate, sweet but lean taste... yam>>>>>
  6. Would it be so odd that one could breathe gluten particles that are airborne from the rising steam/ heat/ smelly air out of the oven while it bakes? would it be so odd that some immune reaction could get started from the lungs? We know so little about the whole thing. I can tell you that I got (or did I?) glutened by hair products. I was using a new kind of hair mousse that had aveeno in it ( the gluten cousin from oats which is sometimes mistaken by celiacs) on my clients and the next day, my hands broke out with Herpetiformis dermatitis ( that's MY reaction to gluten. ) I gave it away. The fact is, a riled up immune system can get off easily. . I might have had a skin scratch , or maybe our skin is not that impervious. we do administer ointments through the skin don't we?
  7. lost 59 lbs in 5 months after going gluten free. I was sitting on my tail bone and my ribs could easily be counted.. at 104 lbs down from 163lbs. my Md friends were convinced I had some kind of weird cancer, but if I had had lymph nodes, I can assure you I would have found them. there was nowhere to hide... 25 months after the onset, I have put on 18lbs back and I look great. but best of all, I feel good. I still cannot metabolize starches of any kind. I have been eating more meat and fish and non starchy vegies than I knew I could ever eat, along with a rotation diet by taxonomic families. I try to reintroduce foods one at a time. sometimes I thinks I do great but two weeks later it catches up with me and I take it out again, but altogether progress is being made. I read Dr. D'adamo's book, eat right for your blood type and got some hints from it as well. I have acquainted myself with subjects I didn't know existed and my life is going to be better for it in the short and long run. I have learned to distrust every truth and question every truism. At the same time I have taken into consideration some facts that I would previously have discounted on the grounds of unscientific, new agish or plain old fashioned. My awareness of food or myself hasn't just changed, It is revolutionized. For over 40 years I and every body else thought I was weird. Now it is official. I have celiac and so be it. The loss of weight is the outward sign of a much deeper change and I don't mind it so much anymore. After I got used to the fact that my mass was different, I had to face the fact that NOTHING was going to be the same, and I started getting much better after I came to accept it. I think that visualizing all these changes helped greatly. Another round for what doesn't kill you will make you stronger.
  8. Well my cycles first got irregular when I got off gluten, then after six months, they plain disapeared, product of a general state of malabsorbsion. If you don't have enough energy for yourself, your body shuts down the less necessessary reproductive functions. I didn't start menstruating untill almost 18 anyway , courtesy of being poisoned day in and day out by gluten. Nine months after menstruating disapeared and 15 months into fixing the general disrepair left by the onset of celiac, I started menstruating again. It is varying withing one week, closer or farther, and the pain factor rides mostly along with how well I am doing with digestion. Think about it , it makes sense: it is in the same area and shares some bloating and circulatory issues both.
  9. same thing happened to me, everybody thought I was crazy, but then the genetic testing found one gene for sure, another one not so clearly. My grand mother had this and both her kids, one being my father , as well. That is all I need. Just because I don't fit the definition of a true celiac so what. I am sick and I get better without gluten. What else do they need. who makes these calls anyway... I am 43 adn finally found an answer to my life's problems. They can call it pseudo celiac if it makes them feel good . The celiac specialist at UW refused to get me the genetic test. she said it is not a diagnostic tool. Well, if all else fails, take medecine in your own hands. I am so disgusted with the medical protocol I could (and did ) puke. I had Herpetiformis dermatitis all over my hands and legs and they still didn't think it was gluten intolerance. you know, people who go to med school are not the type to rock the boat, they mostly try to match a list of symptom with a list of drugs. There are no drugs for celiac, the answer is so simple they don't like it, so it is dismissed all the time. And if they don't have the answer, it certainly must be in your head. Oh, and guess what, there is going to be more and more of us with head problems, because grain is being bioengeneered to have MORE gluten, and people who might have been marginally sensitive are going to come out of the woodworks. sooner or later, the criteria for celiacs are going to change to fit all kinds of other symptoms that we won't be able to ignore. Until then, eat in peace...
  10. I have been gluten free for two years and am finally feeling better, but I am 43, and from what I read, the older you are, the longer your body needs to fix things. I initially got better for two months, before I got so much worse that I thought I might be checking out. I stopped menstruating, lost 59 lbs down to 104 lbs, and became allergic to anything I put in my mouth. My stomac hurt so badly, I got herpetiformis on my legs and hands, my throat would swell after I ate any fruit, and I got chronic cystitis. I was told that it was all in my head. I was so tired all the time. Nobody knew how to help me. I got on the internet, resd books about allergies, and talked to clients of mine ( I am a hairdresser) who had it, or had some relative with it. It turns out to be much more common than you 'd think, once you know about it. I got on the specific carbohydrate diet to avoid things too complex to digest with a dammaged intestinal villii ( Book: Elaine gotchall, Breaking the viscious cycle), then I concurrently did a five day rotation diet to get my immune system to quiet down,( mickael Murray, "chronic candidiasis") along with a further elimination diet , B12 injections , pro biotics course and sserious nutritional supplementation ( see foundation for integrative medecine, dr leo Gallant, Leaky gut syndrome, on the internet). And slowly, I put some weight back on (18lbs in two years), I started menstruating again, and I can eat fruit again. Still cannot digest any starches or lactose, but hey, when I look where I came back from... Making it though the day was a feat, and one step at a time, I am getting there. One milestone was when I could eat raw vegetables again (Pured). I did a little dance of joy. What happened to me is that the bad bacteria took over the good guys while my immune system was under duress, and then I got all kinds of things to fix. Great help was to be had from an accupunturist in my town (seattle) and thank heavens for the internet and the great info it provides. I read all I could find on this site and googled all kinds of things. foods, supplements, articles... The good news: my grandmother had celiac, died without knowing what it was, was in and out of mental hospitals, my father has this, he is the crankierst person on earth, he does not feel good ever, his sister has been sick all her life with this and never figured what it was. She got tested for antigliadin and did not test positive, nor did I, But I wouldn't give up and got an endocrinologist friend to order the genetic testing, and there it was, written all over me CELIAC. My point? I thank my stars every day for the priviledge of knowledge. however long it takes to fix it, I'll get there, because at least I know what it is better late than never. Oh, incidently, all kinds of ailments that afflicted me before I got gluten free are gone: arthritis all over,nasal allergies gallore, asthma, skin rashes of all sorts, early melanomas here and there, plantar fascitis, carpal tunnel. how about that?? could all those have been a product of poor digestion? I think so. So hang in there . things get better, much better. Not always fast though...
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