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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Hi, I think you should find it relativley easy. I was on an 8 day cruise there last year and as long as you email your requirements and then once on board talk to the chef all should work out well. Also take the spanish cards which help to explain if your not fluent in spanish. Also do a search in this forum for Ecuador or Galapagus Is and you'll see more postings. SydneyGF
  3. Hi not sure if your considering it but the UK is very good, specifically the bigger cities which have the large supermarkets. I lived in London for just over 1 year and loved the experience, the ability to travel everywhere and the variety of foods in the supermarket. Tesco, Sainsbury, Waitrose are just some of the large supermarkets that regularly stock gluten free foods. Huge variety of breads, rolls, cakes, sweets, cookies and for special occation had gluten free hot cross buns or christmas cake! i was really spoilt for choice. Also Tesco do those heat and eat dinners which where very tasty, affordable and in all their labelling stated if gluten was inside in bright hot pink so you couldn't miss it. The allergy labelling laws in the UK are strick so all process foods will list what is inside their product that cause food allergies. Have fun, Sydney73
  4. Hi In London, you will find it easy, the UK have very strick allergy labelling laws, so in the supermarkets (Tesco, Sainsbury or Waitrose), their processed foods need to have an allergy label near the ingredients list, stating what is in their products. eg contains, milk, soy and gluten. For the other places, I have been to Paris and found it a little hard as I dont speak french but take the alergy cards with you. (which you can print from the net). And visit a supermarket and stock up on rice cakes or nuts and fruit. Good luck and hope you get to go. Try not to let your food allergies interupt travel plans. The way I see it, so what if I eat super bland for a few weeks, when I get home I'll be able to enjoy my favourite foods. But if I stay at home I will have missed out on seeing the sites like Big Ben and the Effile tower - all of which are very impressive. Good luck. Sydney73
  5. Hi, I have been to Thailand before and found it really easy to eat almost anywhere. The best places where the little kiosk out on the streets where you can see the fresh foods. Avoid resort and hotel restaurants where they try to westernise the meals and add wheat products. Rice is the staple and eating where the locals eat is the key. Have fun. Sydney73
  6. I have flew Maylsian Airlines and on the first leg of the trip Sydney to London the gluten free meal was great, real gluten free food and the breakfast was just as good as their normal service. For such I long flight I was very pleased. But then I hit the return trip back to Sydney and the meal was very different, the odd rice cake but nothing exciting and the dinner was boiled veggies and a warm piece of chicken. It like they changed the menu drasticly. During lunch everyone else got a huge bread roll sandwich and yougurt and for me they gave me 1 rice cake and 2 apples. Next week I'm flying Qantas Sydney to San Francisco and hope their food is better. Will always take extra snacks just in case
  7. Have you all heard of the global survey on your Gluten Free experience? I just took this and it asks about being gluten-free, eating out and traveling. It only takes a few minutes and the more responses the better the results will be. http://www.glutenfreepassport.com/customersurvey.html
  8. My partner and I will also be heading to Ecuador to do a Galapagus Islands cruise in 3 weeks. I have heard from fellow travellers that a staple is Quinoa (small rice like grain) which is gluten free and is added in soups mainly. The only concern I have is for breakfast as I know bread is the main part of it. So I'm taking a bag of my favourite cerial just in case. Have a good trip and take some translation restaurant cards to explain what gluten free is. SydneyGF
  9. Could anyone please give me advice on the purchase of a bread maker. I will need it to be suitable for gluten free breads and would want a model that does various types of breads like french sticks, rolls and fruit loafs too. I know Panasonic had a model SD253 that it had good reviews but they discontinued this model and I can't find it in stores or online. Really appreciate it,thanks
  10. Does anyone know what throat/cough lozenges are gluten free? I only had strepsils at home and it list the ingredients as glucose. As it could be from corn or wheat I thought I'd better ask more about this. Thanks SydneyGF
  11. Hi All: In a few months I will be travelling to Ecuador and Colombia and will be there for about 6-8 weeks. I will be only eating out and was wondering if anyone here knew what foods are gluten free that I could order? Or what staple foods could I rely on to get me through. I have never been to these places before and not sure of what their markets will have. Can anyone shed some light? Thanks SydneyGF ------------- Gluten free since April 2004
  12. Hi I recently found this website which is in Spanish but list via regions where to buy Gluten Free products. I'm going to Spain for a months holiday later this year so thats how I came across this site. Its the only one I found so far but it appears to be a main Celiac society of Spain. Hope it helps http://www.celiacos.org/puntos.html -----------------------------------------Ceoliac since May 2004
  13. Hi I recently found this website which is in Spanish but list via regions where to buy Gluten Free products. I'm going to Spain for a months holiday later this year so thats how I came across this site. Its the only one I found so far but it appears to be a main Celiac society of Spain. Hope it helps http://www.celiacos.org/puntos.html -----------------------------------------Ceoliac since May 2004
  14. Unfortunatley I can't help with the translation but if you look at http://www.celiactravel.com/ they have printable cards that are in various languages. Good luck and enjoy your holiday.
  15. Hi I live in Sydney and I have Celiacs. There are many places that are very much aware of what foods have gluten. I would recommend you see the NSW Celiacs webpage: http://www.nswcoeliac.org.au/Places_to_eat.htm This link has the places to eat by regions in Sydney. The "Wellbeing cafes" are fantastic and there are 2 in the middle of Sydney's CBD at Shp81/ 455 George St Sydney and Shp5/ 345 George St Sydney. If you go to any one of those they will tell you where the others are. In The Rocks on Argyle St is a small cafe that is completely gluten free and has excellent Kababs and Pita breads. If you get a chance to venture into the inner city to Newtown there is a restaurant there called "Twelve" which has a complete gluten free menu and some of the best desserts I have tasted. In Neutral Bay between the city and on the way to Manly there is a pizza place called "Melt Gourmet Pizza" - which has gluten free pizzas, they just cost a little more than the wheat based pizza's. The website has locations in Manly but in many places they know their ingredients and deal with food allergies. In Manly there is a franchise of icecreams called "New Zealand Naturals" which lists which icecreams are gluten free. In case your after a treat. Enjoy Sydney and have a look at the web site for more places.
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