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  1. Do a search in this topic for Red Lobster and you will find a ton of results, ranging from pleasant experiences to absolute nightmares. It seems to all depend on how well the manager and staff at that particular restaurant are acquainted in dealing with food allergies.

    I noticed your address was Milford, IN. I live in Mishawaka. I have eaten at the Red Lobster in Elkhart and it went relatively well, I had to send my salad back and tell them I couldn't simply "pick" the croutons off.

    DO NOT, under any circumstances, go to the one in Mishawaka. It will be a complete waste of your time, they don't get it and have shown no inclination to try to.

  2. Trash it, and any pots and pans that are teflon need to go to( gluten can stick in the scrathed surface area). Same with old wooden cooking utensils. I know it sounds overwhelming, but better safe than sorry. When I was diagnosed, my wife voluntarily threw everything in the kitchen out and bought all new stuff, although I think that was just an excuse to buy new stuff ;)

    I must add that she also made the house entirely gluten free. She's such a sweetheart!

  3. To combine a few responses here, lots of protein and the free weights are best for working out, even if they seem like ridiculously small weights.

    My first question would be are you taking vitamin supplements, especially B12.

    When I was diagnosed almost 2 years ago, I weighed 105 pounds and was put in the hospital for fear of heart failure because all my nutrient levels were in the basement. I had normally weighed about 135 as a 40 year old male who was a runner. So you could imagine how I looked laying literally on my death bed!!

    That's the bad, now the good. 20 months gluten free(minus a couple mistakes) I now weigh 160 on a 5'8" frame, and have less than 10% body fat.

    Here's what I did...found a website called www.bodybuilders.com, because I was desperate to gain weight. They have many links and it is a great web-site. The thing is body builders eat a lot of naturally gluten-free food(i.e. protein) Now, you may get sick of chicken, turkey, and fish, but combined with the B12 supplements( I recommend the sub lingual, as I did the shots weekly) you should start to regain your energy fairly quickly. Of course, go easy on the dairy at first as you may have trouble digesting it at first.

    As far as the workouts go, free weights will build muscle faster, but don't be embarrassed using small weights. I started out bench pressing 40 lbs, and now bench 225. Repetition until you are maxed out will build muscle mass faster than if you do multiple reps of a smaller weight.

    One another thing, try to eat 5-6 times a day, distributing your calorie content evenly, it will help to keep the body nourished and increase your metabolism, which will burn the fat and give your muscles more to grow from.

    Good luck and if you have any questions, please contact me. I am living proof there is a great life after celiac.

  4. Hi,

    I just noticed your L-glutamine controversy. This worries me since it has seemed like L-glutamine has helped me considerably.

    However the kind I use is pure--not with an energy bar or anything else. Its pharmaceutical grade and says its gluten, wheat, soy, milk, sugar etc. free. Its called Essential Glutmine Powder by Iron Tek. Taking the pure powder its pretty inexpensive and supposedly more effective.

    I take it at night just before I go to bed and often first thing in the morning on an empty stomach with co-enzyme B vitamins and bromelain/papain and nattokinase (these last for the fibronilytic/anti-scar tissue effect--important for the gut as well as scar tissue elsewhere as well as thickening arteries etc.). It seems to give me more energy and I at least thought it helps heal the gut. I've also read L-glutamine naturally helps kick in more anti-aging hormones. I have noticed no ill effect.

    Any comments??


    To further muddy up the discussion, I found this reference that says L-glutamine and peptide bonded glutamine are not the same thing.


    I agree that we should steer clear of anything containing peptide bonded glutamine, but pure form L-glutamine should be fine. I think the article listed above has a link for the L-glutamine powder that says on its label it is gluten free.

    Sigh, this all used to be sooo much easier B)

  5. I was wondering if there were any bodybuilders out the who would possibly know whether or not the following supplements/vitamins contains any gluten: muscletech's nitro-tech hardcore,muscletech's naNO vapor,and universal's animal pak vitimans.

    naNO vapor is gluten free, I checked with them and having been meaning to try it. However, Muscletech products are manufactured at a facility with shared lines though, so it all boils down to how much risk you're willing to take.

    Don't know about the vitamins

  6. You said EAS products have gluten, is that true for all EAS products,becuase I've been using EAS vanilla whey protein powder?

    EAS 100% whey protein( vanilla and chocolate) are gluten free, but are manufactuered at a shared facility on seperate lines. I've written and spoken to them a couple times and their stories are always consistent, so I belive they are trustworthy. I've used both for several months and have never had any problems. I know they do make some shakes that are not gluten free, sorry don't know which ones.

    Someone else asked about creatine. Body Fortress makes a fruit punch creatine powder that is gluten free( available at Meijer's and Wal-Mart).

    Pure creatine monohydrate should by it's nature be gluten free. I use Weider's and they have confirmed it is gluten free. It's expensive as all get out though, so I end up using the cheaper Body Fortress mixture sometimes.

  7. Hello, I'm pretty new to this whole thing, too. I'm not sure the answer to that, but if anyone else out there would like to help us with different addiitives and what's ok and what not, that would be great. I've been feeling so much better, but I've also cut almost everything out of my diet. I'm down to the most raw diet. Plain veggies, chicken, fish and sometimes (occassionally) fruit. That is what I live off of. I made a Protein pancake the other day with Quinoa,100% Pro Performance Whey (from GNC) and egg white replacement and I had a bad reaction. I didn't know that any of that stuff would bother me because I thought it was gluten free, but apparently not? Is there some ingredient in any of that that anyone knows of that is a "non-no?" It's so frustrating!

    Without knowing which egg replacement you used, my immediate instinct would be cross contamination from the GNC protein powder. I refuse to use any GNC products for that reason, as everytime I've contacted them about various products I got lengthy CYA statements. I know they produce several other supplement powders, bars, and drinks that contain wheat and/or oats, so my guess is they produce everything on shared machinery.

    If you can confirm that the egg replacement is gluten free, try using EAS 100% whey, Optimum Nutrition whey, or Jay Robb's for your protein powder.

    Also, make sure none of the utensils you used to prepare your new pancakes were used in the past for gluteny things. First thing I did when I went gluten free was buy all new utensils, and then bark at my kids if they even looked at my stuff B)

    Good luck, and hang in there, it gets better

  8. I was just diagnosed as well on 5/15/07 and was very depressed when it finally sunk in. A friend of mine told me something positive that helped. He said, "Just think, you are going to feel better then you have ever felt in your life!" Whether that is true or not, it is nice to believe it. Though the diet is VERY overwhelming (especially with hidden glutens at restaurants, etc) pretty soon I look forward to my symptoms going away and being able to lead a much fuller and healthier life (outside the bathroom)!

    Hello and welcome!

    Yes it is true, you will feel better than you ever thought possible. I've been gluten free for a little over 3 months and I never knew you could feel this good. It just takes a little time.

    You've already received some great advice, the main things is to start slow and go with the basic bland stuff and work your way up. I'd highly recommend keeping a food journal of everything you eat and how you feel each day. Makes tracking down potential culprits much easier and will help if you have any additional intolerances, which many of us have.

    Good luck.

  9. I'm assuming you pretty much ate a bodybuilder's type diet before going gluten free. It sounds like you did judging by what you say you eat now. If so, just stick with it. You should start to gain back as your intestines heal up and you begin to absorb everything once again.

    I put on 35 lbs in two months since my diagnosis ( and decreased my body fat by 2%), so I know it's possible. Just stick with your fish, chicken, lean meats, sweet potatoes, brown rice, and leafy veggies. Eggs are good too.

    Do you use a protein powder supplement? There are many that are gluten free and would be easier to digest at this point for your compromised digestive system. You might want to up your calorie intake for a while also, until you're feeling like your intestines are functioning close to normal again. Good luck

  10. When we had a combo household, I used dishcloths instead of sponges - one color for gluten, another for gluten-free. That way even if a mistake was made, you just put them through the washer and dryer like any other towel and it's fine.

    They sell dishcloths most places. The ones I use are from Walmart. I get them in the same area as mops, rubber gloves, etc. They're made by Angus, come in a pkg of 2 and called Waffle Weave Dish Cloths.

    I put up some of those Command Adhesive hooks by the sink and hung one on one side and one on the other side, with notes telling which was which.


    This is exactly what I do. Dishclothes are cheap and the color coding system has worked fine for us, although the amount of gluteny dishes has drastically decreased as my wife weans herself and the two daughters off gluten. Target date of May 1 for a gluten free kitchen!! :rolleyes:

    Sponges are exactly what they say they are, sponges, they soak up and retain anything and everything. After Dx, they were the second thing I got rid of after the strainer.

  11. I am genticly thin and goin to the lady doctor today and I told her about my diet and on top of things that my family is thin, and she said do you not EVER just give in and eat a piece of pizza she was so rude! I told her no you do not understand a crumb makes me sick and she thinks I try to make myself thin..Doctors make me so mad! when I was diagnosed 5 years ago I was at that teenage year and they told me it was all in my head and I was making myself sick! Are you serious? The doctor refused to test me for celiac when I brought it to his attention. THE REASON being he could not give me medicine or sugery like every other thing he put me through that made him MONEY! wow that feels better!!!!

    Congratulations, your doctor just made my list of "idiots whose a** I have to kick".

    Please forward her name and location and it will be taken care of. Make sure to post anonymously so as not to implicate yourself B)

  12. Definately increase your nut intake. Almonds and walnuts( unsalted) are the best.

    Lara bars all have about 200 cals each and go good with fruit to complement a snack.

    Mix some Enjoy Life Cranberry Crunch cereal in with yogurt.

    Avacodos. If you know how to make guacamole, about a half cup with some gluten free crackers is about 300 easy calories.

    Sherbert is a good low fat, high calorie substitute. You can also mix it with protein powder, fruit juice, and/or more fresh fruit for a high calorie, yet healthy shake.

    And grapes are also a fairly high caloric fruit.

  13. Can over eating gluten free foods affect the same as eating gluten foods?

    I was thrilled to have gluten free spagetti and got carried away and kinda over ate.

    If by "affect the same", you mean will too much make you fat?, the answer is yes B)

    If you mean will it affect you the same as if you've been glutened, then no. At least I've never seen any research that would support that.

    If you're experiencing symptoms like you've been glutened, I would make sure the pots, pans, strainer and utensils weren't contanimated from previous gluten usage.

    Also, what type of sauce did you use? Not all are gluten free.

  14. Another suggestion for mac and cheese is to use Tinkyada shells and use the cheese mixture from the Kraft mac'n'cheese box( that part is gluten free). It may seem like a waste to throw away the Kraft macaroni, but if you buy them in bulk they're pretty inexpensive. Someone said Kraft also sells their cheese mixture individually, but I have not been able to find any any that wasn't cost comparable to just buying the whole box.