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  1. Sounds like you've been given good advice for the trip and shopping over here. Maybe someone could add good places to eat out while you're in the Uk. Where are you visiting? Chains that know about Gluten Free: La Tasca (Tapas type restaurant found all over UK) http://www.latasca.co.uk/liststores-1/LOCR/Locations.html The Pitcher & Piano (Varied menu in some larger cities -Even does gluten free sandwiches) http://www.pitcherandpiano.com/locations/ TGIFridays (Limited choices-in most major cities) http://www.tgifridays.co.uk/Nearest-TGI-Fridays Most National Trust Properties will do a jacket potato. Debenhams Store have gluten free items which are marked. Marks & Spencers cafe usually has a muffin or fruit cake (wrapped) Starbucks coffee shops have gluten free cake but not wrapped Hope it helps.
  2. I went to Ireland last summer and stayed at a B&B which had the best gluten-free cook ever! Riverside Farm, Gorey. It's south of Dublin. I was even given a gluten-free snack to use as a packed lunch each day. Fab! We also went to Centre Parcs in Holland and the chefs in all the restaurants cooked separate dishes especially for me. In Austria I stay in at least a 4 star hotel and email them first to make sure they can cater for me. Lunch out is a problem!
  3. Hi I'm in Swansea, Wales. I buy most of my gluten-free food in Tescos and go to Sainsburys whenever I can for little extras. Morrisons also stock some gluten-free products. I get Glutafin Gluten Free Bread Mix on prescription and my husband makes wonderful fresh bread in our bread maker. The smell is so good that I can't wait for it to come out of the machine. I don't make it as you have to measure the ingredients carefully and I can't be bothered!
  4. MH Foods have their own website. They're based in the UK
  5. Hi I'm new to the site. Has your partner been diagnosed yet? I was ill for 20 years before someone spotted that I was coeliac. No test will be positive if not on a gluten diet for approx 2 weeks. If you want a GP to test for coeliac, tell them that there is alot of mucus in the stools and that they float. If they still don't do a blood test then your partner needs to change doctors. If the test comes back positive then a biopsy is required-still need to be on a gluten diet. The question is can your partner stand to eat gluten for that length of time? Good luck.
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