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  1. I surprisingly came across some information regarding a therapy involving small doses of Naltrexone, normally used to combat drug addiction, and it's benefits on several autoimmune related conditions. There have been several case studies of people with varying autoimmune disorders showing great...
  2. Well if you read the whole thread there were numerous shills that were outed up at the beginning. All of them (incl. Unclezack) had acct creation dates after this thread was started and all immediately started praising the product with their only posts being in this particular thread.
  3. Good to know I'm not the only one to think this.
  4. I have no problem with shared boards or whatever. It's not very conspicuous that this thread isn't for celiacs, hell I argued for 3+ pages under that assumption.
  5. We are currently debating in a 4 page thread in the celiac disease - post diagnosis, recovery/treatment(s) forum on www.celiac.com and it's not until the end that Rachel/Zack concedes that this doesn't work on celiacs and that it's only meant for the gluten intolerant. Yet this ENTIRE THREAD is...
  6. I think people in this thread have a very basic misunderstanding of enzymes and their role in the digestion of gluten. Some of the science in this thread is downright wrong and misleading and I'll attempt to clear up what I can. Saliva is a powerful substance that begins breaking down food and...
  7. What medical journal was this published in? Who conducted it? ...and above all else, why was there no control and no placebo?
  8. I'm done with this thread. Fair warning was given, if there are people out there that want to buy into this guys sham after all evidence was given (especially, that this company is run by a guy with a history of fraud) then by all means waste your money. You'd think people would wake up and...
  9. Did Unclezack really call us flat earth bashers? Wow. Look rachel, I don't think you're a shill but Unclezack is... Why is not banned? Everything this guy has posted has been an advertisement for this company, his private website advocates using Glutenease for those celiacs who don't WISH...
  10. Here's a quick article about the company that makes Glutenease, Enzymedia. From the Charlotte Sun:
  11. I read the article and it's fraught with bad grammar and mispelled words as well as fallacious logic. It's borderline fraudulent how they attempt to link irrelevant good science to back their bogus claims. At least I'm glad you took the time to send me an unbiased link from...none other than the...
  12. This is another shill. Is there a way to report these to moderators? Jack, [censored] you. You may be getting paid to do this poop but you're spreading misinformation which could cause great harm to an individual. What's to happen when some parent, who doesn't know any better, reads this crap...
  13. A shill is the byproduct of a form of viral marketing and advertising where as a company hires people to go around posting comments, threads, posts, webpages, and testimonials praising a products effectiveness. It's very effective and quite a few companies are guilty of engaging in it, especially...
  14. Shrimp is always going to be gluten free because they are almost never farm raised. I'm really curious about crawfish, because they are exclusively farm-raised and they ARE fed wheat.