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  1. Hi! My wife, kristen, was diagnosed with Celiac Disease a few years ago, but she had a really tough time with the major lifestyle change. She was very depressed, but after a year she decided she was going to accept the disease and become 100% gluten-free. I was truly inspired by her determination to "overcome" the disease, so we launched a social website were people post their inspirational stories of perseverance. The site is called Valley Rally. When you are there, do a search for "Celiac" and you will find numerous stories posted about other's struggles and success with the disease. I wish you the best! Take Care.
  2. This thread is a great idea! I am looking for stories for my wife who has Celiac Disease. She had a very tough time accepting the disease, and it was very hard for me to understand exactly what she was feeling. I like to look around the web to see if other significant others had the same helpless feeling as I did. I also found another site, Lame Advertisement.com, where my wife posted her story about <a href"http://www.Lame Advertisement.com/template.php?go=mysearch&keyword=celiac%20disease">accepting Celiac Disease</a>: http://www.Lame Advertisement.com/template.php?go...eliac%20disease. I have found both GlutenFreeForum and Lame Advertisement to be very helpful.
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