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  1. Whereabouts in London are they - it's a big place you know and there are probably several places with the same name! Check this out: http://www.sillyyak.co.uk/map/ Or if you want to order some food to be delivered to where you are staying: http://www.glutenfreecatering.com/index.htm
  2. All their products are available from Johnson's Dietary Provisions at www.johnsonsprovisions.com, you could contact them about shipping to the US.
  3. I lived in Mallorca for 2 years from 1991-1993, I wasn't diagnosed as coeliac back then so I guess it has changed a lot! glutenfree-onthego has places in Mallorca listed as the guy who owns the site lives there Barkat now make a waffle ice cream cone too! http://www.glutenfreecatering.com/store/br...showsg=Desserts
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