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  1. Thanks so much for all of your replies. So I guess you do have to be this careful, huh? Kind of makes me feel like a bit of a freak-of-nature though. I really don't want to alarm my son by insisting he eat gluten-free as well - it would be hard with his training schedule and dietary requirements. He eats the rice pasta when I make it, but it doesn't seem to satisfy him for as long. And of course there's the expense. And I've got to be honest, I haven't found a gluten free bread that I even like. (And why are most so high in fat content?) As for the little bag to warm up for sore muscles, I believe mine is wheat. If you can get them with rice or buckwheat, then I'll look for one just to be safe. And I truly appreciate the links you've included for vegetarian recipes etc. I think I have a problem with soy though, so I'm hoping to find lots of options without. I've read on many of these threads that we seem to get more intolerant of any amount of gluten the longer we've been gluten free, and I would definitely agree. Any recommendations for dish soap?
  2. Hello to all. I have been reading your posts for a number of months, and I wanted to ask a few questions ... I was diagnosed in December and have been gluten-free since, although with numerous mistakes along the way due to sheer ignorance. My recovery is very slow and I still feel extremely poor. When I posted once before many of you had pointed to CC as probable culprit. I've been trying my best to be safe, I eat extremely little, and my diet is very limited as I'm vegetarian and can't tolerate dairy. So now I'm wondering if I'm missing something and just not being safe enough. Here are some of my questions: I handle gluten-containing foods all the time. My son is an elite-level hockey player and has a diet very rich in grains and pastas. When I make him a sandwich and then wipe my hands on the kitchen towel, have I contaminated it so that when I wipe a dish I'll be using I'm in trouble? Do you have to wash your hands after touching regular bread? What about when I spray the pan with Pam to scramble him some eggs - is it a problem when one breathes in the vapor from the spray - which contains wheat alcohol? We use artisan-made pottery/stoneware plates etc. They're glazed, but are they porous enough that they could be carrying old gluten? What about washing your plates and cooking utensils in the same water as the utensils that have been used for gluten containing foods? For that matter, what about dishwasher detergent and dish soap? Are stainless steel pots/pans okay to use even if they had been used for gluten containing foods before? Or does one need an entire set of new utensils? What about the slow cooker liner, which is glass/ceramic? And one last one ... those little wheat-filled bags that you can get to warm in the microwave and then use as a heating source for sore muscles ... safe?? Thanks for considering all of these questions. I'm hoping that others who are still on the learning curve can learn from them as well.
  3. The idea about the fresh whole food is great. But that's all I eat. Used to do the odd bit of cup-o-soup or something, but other than that it's been fresh or cooked veggies, and back in the better days pasta or bread. No added fats. And no dairy cause I finally figured out it was causing problems (that's what triggered the celiac test by the doc). And when you've been a vegetarian for 20 odd years, the idea of eating meat again isn't terribly palatable. What's the possible problem with soy products? I was eating the soy burgers etc about a year ago when some of the syptoms acted up pretty bad, but now after the testing I had assumed that was because the soy veggie products mostly list wheat gluten as their 2nd or 3rd ingredient. Does one have to avoid other soy products as well? Even gluten-free soy sauce? And I guess the idea is to get new pots, eh? And I'll start making inquiries about shampoos etc. Is it normal to feel a little sorry for yourself? Thank you very much again for your kindness.
  4. Thank you all very much - as I've read many of the topics I marvel at how kind everyone is to share their time and knowledge. In answer to a couple of questions, yes I am still using the same pans. Haven't checked shampoo etc. But then again, how much gluten could you possibly ingest by using the wrong shampoo? or am I being rather naive? And yeah, probably not getting enough nutrition either - but it's hard to know what to eat when everything makes you feel worse. That's why I started thinking maybe being 'weak-positive' wasn't a good enough reason to try and go gluten-free, and that perhaps the change in diet was wreaking havoc. And thanks for the Entrolab suggestion - I've seen posts about it but have no idea what it is. Is it available for order into Canada? And if so, how does one do that? Does it also give you other possible food allergies? I find there's much to learn about this whole thing.
  5. Thanks very much for your reply. I think the doc's idea was to see if the antibody level was back down to well below a positive result with the re-testing after being gluten-free. He said that would then confirm that gluten was a problem. He gave me the option of doing that or doing the biopsy because the result was only 'weak-positive". And yeah, the cross-contamination thing is a puzzle to me. I'm working on it. Just surprising to find out that after years of having a pasta/bread/veggie based diet, I would now react to a few crumbs. hard to believe and all that. No probiotics. Thought before I dropped a ton of dough on supplementation I should allow some healing in the villi? Thank you again.
  6. Hello to you all. Wondering if you could offer advice. I tested 'weak positive' in Nov. (antibodies 10 and up considered celiac, mine were 9.8). Doc asked if I wanted an endoscopy or to try going gluten-free for 3 mos and re-test. So I'm doing the gluten-free route, but now feel worse than ever. Tummy is now so big that I'm embarrassed to leave the house, very tired, constipation is worse, backache, fluid retention etc. Don't eat meat or dairy or soy (other than gluten-free soy sauce the odd time). In fact, I'm now eating less than 800 cals a day but still ballooning up. Very frightening to be honest. Have I made a mistake going gluten-free considering I'm just a weak positive? I have been good about not eating gluten, although I think there might have been some cross-contamination a couple of times. But nothing serious. Anybody have any ideas on how to end the misery? Not sure if anyone's posted this before, but I can seriously say that felt better before going gluten-free - and I wasn't feeling great then ... Thanks so much. Apologies if this is a somewhat repetitive post.
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