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  1. Can anyone explain other symptoms their children were having? My 5 yr. old daughter has been having a fever off and on again for the past 6 weeks. Mainly just on the weekends and then by Sunday she would be fine again. She would be fine during the week and then towards the end of the week she would start to get a fever and feel tired. It was the wierdest thing! She had no other symptoms and was in good spirits and playful. She also ate and drank normally. The weekend before last the fever started again and this time she looked really pale and had a runny nose so I took her in to our pediatrician on Monday. The night before I started thinking about this past year and how susceptible she has been to colds. She is tall but very thin and small boned but eats really well and quite often but has not gained any weight this year. Earlier this summer I started noticing her bm's although regular and daily, were really long and bulky for someone her size and recently (and this sounds odd I know) but she has needed to spit just about every time she has a bm. (??) After taking a urine sample and some blood the pediatrician said she had a UTI and was slightly anemic. She wanted to run a ferritin (sp) blood test and I suggested they do the full celiac panel. (I had that done two years ago with negative results but had so many symptoms I went gluten free which left no doubt that I am gluten intolerant. The gastro I went to was horrible so I am not sure the tests were done accurately.) The pediatrician agreed to have it done but said she really didn't seem to have "typical" symptoms to suspect celiac like stomach bloating, stomach pain, running stools or constipation. (Now I KNOW from my experience symptoms can be different for everyone so I tried not to get too annoyed at this comment.) I described her stools and pointed to the lack of weight gain. She agreed and we had the test done on Monday. We should know something this week. I was curious if her symptoms sound familiar. I also suspect my 10 year old daughter may have symptons also but her symptons are different. (extreme eczema, irritablity, painful headaches, extremly sensitive shoulder and neck pain and unexplained weight gain in the past year.) I think my family thinks I am paranoid! Thanks for any input or help!
  2. Just realized the question I am asking is on another thread! Sorry!
  3. Thanks for your response. We live in the US and my husband thought insurance may be hard to get down the road. We currently have military insurance and there is no reason I can think of why I wouldn't want to get at least a blood test to determine it conclusively. (If they do?...I have been reading about false negatives and am not sure about all that) Has anyone done a cleansing fast to start them off? If so which ones would you reccomend? Thanks for taking the time to reply!
  4. Hi ~ This is my first post so please forgive me if I goof! I recently overheard someone talking about celiac's on a TV show. It was just for a moment but she said she always had stomach pain after eating and my ears perked up because I too have had stomach pain after eating among other symptons so when I heard her say she had Celiacs I immediately began researching. The following are the symptons I have had off and on for years as long as I can remember. As a young child: 1. rash on the back of arms 2. stomach aches 3. Allergy tested due to having so many sore throats and colds allergic to: peanuts, eggs, tobacco, molds, mildews, some grasses etc... no treatment specifically other than stay away from these things... 4. servere acne on my back as a teen not on my face As an adult: 1. Stomach pain 2. lactose intolerant but not diagnosed as lactose intolerant ~ treated for an ulcer for short period 3. Severe dairy issues after the birth of second child 4. incomplete bowel movements 5. scalp rash as described exactly as DH ~ much worse after birth of 4th child 6. bouts of nausea and diarrhea at the same time after eating 7. most recently ~ constant abdominal bloating, cramping, gassiness 8. after years of having great teeth with only one cavity had a major problem with tooth decay on almost every tooth suface 9. bad breath after having all the dental care ~ the kind that comes from the gut (?) 10. mild depression 11. fogginess, sleeplessness, increased irritibility (attributed to being 40 and under stress ?) 12. some joint pain in fingers and carpal tunnel syndrome 13. symptons such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (which a homeopathic suggested I might have) I could go on but this is just about everything When I found this forum it was like light in the darkness! But I am overwhelmed with where to begin. I had my pcm refer me to a gastro last week so I could have the blood test but my husbad said if I was convinced I had this why not go gluten free and go from there. He was concerned if diagnosed insurance might be hard to get in the future...? I don't care honestly I just want to feel better and I am concerned I have gone so long with all of these symptons and have just learned to live this way until now that I may have some real damage...I am 40 and feel lousy. Haven't been active because I feel so tired most of the time and have gained 25 lbs in the past two years. I have three girls ranging from ages 15-3 and all of them have some type of rash. The oldest has always had the rash like I did on the back of her arms and the middle one has recently gotten terrible eczema on her legs. The youngest has had a troubling rash on her face off and on for about a year. I have thought all along they were food related but have been told by ped. that the youngest was bacterial and the others were dry skin. Referred to a dermatologist and he said it wasn't bacterial but it was major dry skin. Our family went dairy free several years ago but have gone back to eating occasional cheeses and yogurt. We have alternated on Rice milk and soy. I keep trying to find the food link to the rashes. NEVER imagined it was wheat/gluten!!! I prided myself on the whole grains and whole wheat we have eaten! After reseaching my scalp problem (acne like bumps) and hearing about the shampoos containing wheat I immediatly checked out my shampoos ~ one healthy shampoo had wheat and one I bought in bulk at costco had wheat. No wonder my scalp had gotten worse lately. I had been using Giovanni which seemed to have cleared up my scalp...little did I know it didn't have wheat in it!) I have read a lot of the posts and wondered if someone could help me know where to start. After reading my head is spinning and can't seem to focus on a plan of action...(also another sympton? ) Sorry this was so long. First time I have acknowledged all this in one swoop! Thanks for letting me get it out.
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