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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Likewise, I was diagnosed in April...THE DAY BEFORE MY BIRTHDAY. C'mon. MY 18TH BIRTHDAY. Honestly. My senior year in high school...needless to say it sucked. I am a very active runner...so there went my cross country season and track season down the toilet. Anyways, I also don't have very bad symptoms...thank the Lord. Then again, I don't know when I'm glutened. Actually, up until the summer of '06 I was "normal". No symptoms at ALL. Then BAM! All it took was three "attacks", each one two months apart, and a hospital visit to the ER, for me and my mom to say..."we need to figure this out". So we ended up at a gastroenterologist (still amazes me that I can spell it, let alone say it and he right away tested me for celiac----I WAS DIAGNOSED WITHIN LESS THAN 6 MONTHS. The average length of time it takes for a person to get diagnosed is 9 YEARS. Surely I have been shown mercy. So, yea, no birthday cake for me...or cake at my open house for graduation--NOT! My mom found this cake mix and I had my own little personal cake (chocolate!!) at my open house! I LOVED IT! Yes...it has been VERY frustrating transitioning into this lifelong diet. Different toaster than my family, different strainer, different margarine, different vitamins...shampoo, gum, NO twizzlers--it's killin' me....my favorite foods that I've ate for the past 18 years of my life....pretty much gone. People ask "What DO you eat?!" "Well, air seems to be gluten free...unless you're in the same room as someone making gluten toast in the toaster (I really do feel bad for celiacs who are this sensitive!)" I'm headed for college next year--and I'm running in college (cross country, indoor track, and outdoor track) so this summer is proving to be difficult in getting the calories I need to run my many miles...and at 5'4" 120 lbs. as of last April, I can't afford to lose much more weight --I know I've lost a bit. OH and not to mention transitioning into college life and never going to be able to order-out pizza.. (I got it approved to appeal my food plan....so I REALLY don't know what I'm going to do about food in the dorms!!!) I'm not sure if I would rather have major symptoms showing, or to deal with this disease and being a new college freshmen while running....I guess it will have to be the latter. As long as they don't take away popcorn and cheesecake from me....and running....I'll be okay (And I have checked the popcorn I eat for gluten...I'm A-OK!....AND there are gluten free crusts mixes for cheesecake!)
  3. I WOULD stick to this simple in-expensive diet, but I'M A RUNNER. I NEED carbs or something...I got diagnosed a couple weeks ago...and I think my body is in denial--it hates wheat, but it wants it back at the same time! I have been sucking it up at practices and track meets, but I'm soo weak feeling- when I was eating wheat, I had more energy in my big toe than I have now! wtf...honestly... *Forgive me of my ranting...its been tough dealing with my friends..etc."
  4. THANK YOU MUCH! Thanks for the feedback...helps a lot! BTW---yea... I didn't know that about the symptoms thing...so maybe I DO have it My one test said something like " under 20 is negative to this test....and anything above 30 is positive." MINE WAS 200. So, ya. I should really learn to pay attention to numbers....and not be so stubborn about givin' up my wheat. ALSO--the doctors post-poned my "tube-down-the-throat" test because I have a cold, so I'll prolly be tested in a month or so and they told my mom over the phone to immediatly stop eating the wheat>>BUT everything I've read over the internet says different>>that it will alter my results Hmm...maybe if I lay off...a happy medium?
  5. I am getting tested in the upcoming weeks for Celiac (I'm not too excited about the whole...tube-down-the-throat thing.) I was given an upper-GI thing and it came back negative...but the blood work came back VERY positive, so odds are, I prolly have it. But, I'm very hesitant (and stubborn) about actually having it--denial maybe?-- because I feel perfectly FINE. Last June, August, and October I had SEVERE abdominal pain+diarrhea+bloating+intestinal gas+ I was hyperventilating because I was in so much pain (which made matters worse cuz I couldn't feel my hands/ dizziness). It put me in the ER the 2nd time (TGF morphine). And the 3rd time I was reluctant to have Vicadin. ALL 3 TIMES lasted from 9-15 hours of non-stop pain----BUT THEN I WAS MIRACULOUSLY FINE!! I had popcorn directly coming home from the hospital! *Sigh* Those are the only times it's happened...so I'm very unsure. Of course, what do I know. I am an avid runner, and I am scared that cutting gluten out of my diet will also cut my energy for this coming track season---I'm gunna need some alternative carbs... HELP?
  6. Yea... I wasn't convinced it was dandriff either. So I went to the derm and he was like..."well...uh...psoriasis"......OK. WELL... the stuff he's prescribed me hasn't been working. And it's RIGHT on my hairline--quite embarassing. ---Itchy, dry, flaky, red little bumbs.--- Grr. I'm getting tested next week for celiac...so I'm thinkin this might be DH. The doctors havn't said ANYTHING about it...just that I may have celiac...(which I prolly DO have (my blood tests were high positive...but my scans were negative)>>>>soooo YA!! Tube-down-the-throat-time! Oh well...I'm thankful that I have found doctors that are willing to do their job and figure out whats wrong with me>> it's been about 3/4 of a year....vs. some people where it may take years--*my prayers are with them* ROM. 5:3-5
  7. I agree! The Sports Beans taste great! --I also LOVE jelly beans though.
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