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  1. Hi, everyone, I want to ask if gaining weight is common on the gluten-free diet? From Oct.-Dec. 06, I was nauseous all the time, and lost about 10 lbs. I was diagnosed with celiac about Jan. 1, 07, and since then i have kept the diet faithfully. I have always been a very thin guy, about 5'8, 135lbs. Now i weigh 165. i have the feeling its mostly liquid weight. of course, i will turn 50 in september, so it could be just middle age catching up to me. any help, before i have to completely change my wardrobe?!
  2. thanks ravenwoodglass, I was afraid of that (separate toaster, having to ask server/cook to cook meat or fish in separate pan, etc.) pain in the gluten-eus maximus!
  3. Hi everyone, I'm newly diagnosed (about 6 weeks ago) also. I don't know if this is the right place for me to write, but the board wouldn't let me start a new topic. My gastro doctor gave me the outlines of the diet, but i have my first appointment with a nutritionist next week. my major symptom last Fall before i was diagnosed was severe nausea. My blood test was 106, and the doc said normal was 19 or under, then he confirmed with an endoscopy. Overall, I feel good about 5 days a week now, but some gluten must be sneaking into my diet. I have someone who bakes me gluten-free bread, which I toast; do you REALLY have to have a separate toaster or toaster slot? Last night i went out to a restaurant. I had: baked potato with sour cream, no problem, right? salad with no croutons, vinegar and oil, ok? zucchini in tomato sauce, ok, right? glass of merlot--ok; but my entree was a piece of broiled tuna steak. The tuna did not obviously have anything on it, but could it have received cross contamination from something else broiled on the same broiler? thanks for any help you can give.
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