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  1. Hello..I am new to this forum, and hoping that someone can offer me some advice. I stopped eating wheat about ten years ago, and my health has improved enormously. I still eat gluten in some products, but I generally avoid it because many products that contain gluten also contain wheat. I have been presuming that I am wheat intolerant rather than being a coeliac, because I am basically fairly well without cutting out all gluten. I do still get diarrhoea and stomach cramps quite easily which I have attributed to an irritable bowel. I was talking to a medico friend today who advised that it was very important to get a definite diagnosis of whether I have coeliac disease or not, due to the link to lymphoma. However I presume this means having to eat gluten every day? How long would I have to eat it for before getting tests? I am terrified at the thought of eating wheat products on a daily basis for any length of time because they make me feel so sick, so perhaps it would be wiser just to keep going as I am, eating gluten in small quantities. I did have a blood test last year for Coeliac which came back negative but I had been wheat free for years (the doctor I saw didn't advise me to eat gluten before the test) so I don't think it was reliable. Thanks for any help.
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