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  1. http://www.recipezaar.com/186848 Here is a link you might enjoy. I am making them for my husband right now. Janet
  2. Hi Tia, I know what you mean-the prices are outrageous. My husband went gluten free about 6 months ago and we have had out boys tested and are waiting on the results. I have spent countless hours online researching products, etc. After looking at the prices of specialty products I decided to look for regular recipes that happen to be gluten free. I am new to this website so I am not sure how to email you directly so if you can email me with your email address I will send you my recipes that use regular shelf products. Also, I found some gluten free cereals on the regular cereal isle that is much cheaper than the ones in the specialty section. I will also share this info with you. We are pretty sure that our youngest son has celiac disease but are waiting for test results. Janet
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