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  1. Whole Food Store

    Lorlyn, Who is your doctor in B'ham?
  2. Whole Food Store

    Lorlyn, Where is the Whole Foods store and what gluten-free products do they carry? Since I am in Tuscaloosa I could easily drive up there. I shop at Manna Grocery here and they have some pretty good products. I get blueberry muffins for breakfast, cake mix, pretzels, spagetti, cinnamon rolls, pizza, cold cereal, etc. at Manna. Bruno's just stocked a gluten-free section yesterday so I got some breakfast bars, croutons, salad dressing, hamburger helper from there. Where do you eat out in B'ham other than P.F. Chang's and Outback? I go to P.F.'s about once a month. Please let me know of other resturants. By the way, I am 39 and feel better than I ever felt in my 20's! :
  3. Celiacs In Alabama

    Hi! I am in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and would welcome a support group. I have been diagnosed for six years and have been alone all of this time. I have had so many health problems as a result of this disease. I was sick over 10 years before my diagnosis. I feel much better now but would welcome talking to someone in person with the same disease.
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