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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I also watched Rachael Ray today when she cooked with the Hoisin sauce, she actually refered to it as Chinese BBQ sauce. I am going to try to find the gluten-free kind and try it, everyone I know that has has it said it is wonderful. Julie
  3. I am also learning about Celiacs. I was diagnosed in January. I am the only one in my house that has celiac, my family has been wonderful about eatting gluten free just so it will be easier on me. Thanks Nogluegirl for the list. I didn't realize that Miracle Whip was gluten-free, I stopped using it because it has modified food starch in it. I buy alot of Walmart brands, love it when I can read gluten-free. I saw yesterday that walmart is now selling gluten-free pasta De Boles, it wasn't expensive.
  4. I was just diagnosed in January And I really miss girl scout cookies...My oldest daughter came home the other day from work and said "look what I bought for everyone." She had a half a dozen boxes of cookies in a bag. I was not a happy camper
  5. Help!

    I was just diagnosed with Celiacs last month. At times I think that I am doing pretty well but other times I feel at a lost with what is OK to eat and what isn't. I was very sick and lost alot of weight I am 5'10 and got down to 80 pounds, I have gained a big 10 pounds woo hoo. If anyone reads this and has any advice for me, I would love to hear from you
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