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  1. I believe it was probably produced in a plant that also produces wheat and because of the law listing ingredients it was easier to say there was wheat in it. Usually the label says it is produced in a plant that also produces wheat. I belive the brand Bob's Mills is safe. I always read the labels no matter what.
  2. Had another miserable experience. Had a dinner at a relatives. Everything was gluten free except desert. I had to explain why I couldn't have something with oatmeal in it. One of my kids asked "Are you sure it's not in your head" needless to say I didn't have the greatest time. Yuck!
  3. Actually an allergy free restrurant might be nicd! One place where everyone can safely order.
  4. Even restaurants that have gluten free menues or let you know what is gluten-free...by the time you see what you can have, it turns out to be a very limited choice. At home I can have gluten-free bread and other things that no other restaurants offer. I hate going over my speech with the waitress/waiter explaining the situation everytime I order. I hate getting sick the next day trying to figure out what caused it even though I was careful. I hate being told by a chain to call a toll free number to get information only to be told the only thing they have for me is a salad with grilled chicken or a steak (boring)!! I hate going even to other peoples houses and see them get a little upset with me even though I tell them not to worry about it. I hear Oh I forgot you can't have wheat all the time. I feel like I'm annoying them just by being there. I hate feeling like I'm always making a scene. I see my kids roll their eyes every time I order. And if I have to send a salad back because it has crutons on it even though I requested that it didn't. I am curious how others are coping because I'm ready to just eat at home and bring my own food if I have to go anywhere.
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