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  1. I am intererested in what adverse effects Caramel has. Caramel color is an interesting ingredient; there are 4 types as classified by Codex. Soft drinks use type IV defined as : Caramel Colour IV (synonyms: ammonia sulfite process caramel, sulfite ammonia caramel, sulfite ammonia process caramel, acid-proof caramel, beverage caramel, and soft-drink caramel); this class is prepared by the controlled heat treatment of carbohydrates with ammonium-containing and sulfite-containing compounds. Here is a link for current info on ongoing standards/classifications for Caramel http://www.inchem.org/documents/jecfa/jecmono/v20je11.htm What's interesting is the ongoing work to evaluate the caramel product, most people are not aware of this. see this quote from the link The report of the twenty-fourth meeting of the Committee (Annex 1, reference 53) drew attention to the need for adequate specifications for caramel colour IV and for a long-term study of carcinogenicity. The temporary ADI of 0-100 mg/kg b.w. was extended pending the results of long-term toxicity studies. Notes: ADI = average daily intake, b.w = body weight Please respond if you have any effects of caramel intake you have noticed.
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