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  1. Thanks you guys. I guess I should add- I'm a sophmore at USC (the old one- in South Carolina), I turn 20 next friday (not looking forward to trying to arrange for a gluten free cake if I am positive), and I live 2 hours from home. I keep saying "I can't do this" and my boyfriend, Shane, just tells me I have to if it comes back positive and I won't have any choice. We both secretly hope it's true because I want to feel better and he gets tired of my constant "my stomach hurts, I can't go out", but I'm terrified of trying to learn all this without my mom standing over me telling me what to do. I mean, I'm grown up, but I'm not that grown up. Don't worry about jumping the gun....I'm pretty sure that I have Celiac or at least gluten intolerance. The symptoms are just too similar and like they say in science- the simplest explanation is usually the right one. Or true one. Whichever. Sorry if I'm a downer- I'm just sort of overwhelmed by the possibility itself and I'm in the middle of a semester...so I'm in the middle of midterms, so lots going on and my brain is just trying to understand it all, I guess. At least I can tell my family doctor back home that I'm NOT making this stuff up (the popular opinion between him and my mom) and there really is something going on- even if it's just a hernia (they found a very small hiatal hernia that shouldn't even cause symptoms it's so small), it explains some of my symptoms. Thanks again, Sarah
  2. I just got my biopsy done (not without a lot of crying, I assure you), and I'm wondering a few things. My doctor had never said a word about Celiac disease or a gluten allergy or wheat intolerance, I'd never had a blood test for it, but when I came out of the endoscopy, he told my mom (as I was a bit flighty) that they took a biopsy to check for a gluten allergy (and I would assume Celiac and wheat intolerance). Is there anything that would show up in my bowel if I had the allergy/Celiac? Wouldn't he need a microscope or something? I'm confused. My symptoms are: nausea every day for the past few years, vomiting, anxiety, depression, D (sometimes), ichyness (sp?), vitamin deficiencies (we think), SEVERE heartburn every night, and a very poor immune system. The allergy/Celiac would explain most/all of my symptoms and I would really like to know if anyone thinks they're a good indicator. I would LOVE any advice/thoughts/comments anyone has. Thanks in advance.
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