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  1. I'm just outside Bath, do you want some mailed to you? My Healthfood shop is incredible and supplies me with everything even if they have to special order.
  2. I must say that I'm not convinced that toiletries with wheat, gluten, soy are all that good for us. A wonderful woman on the forum mentioned a year ago that she uses a product etc but keeps the lotion away from her mouth. Considering that the skin is claimed to be our largest organ and can absorb things thru it if the molecular structure is small enough, people like us are at risk then because gluten is still entering the body. Does it build up with time? I don't know. But speaking for myself while the creams might feel more luxurious and silkier or my hair smoother/hydrated whatever feeling healthy far outweighs the seduction of the product. The downside is searching and checking lables or with Companies.
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