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  1. Happy Birthday...hope you had a great day.

  2. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  3. NoGluGirl, Are the fat free dressings the only gluten-free dressings from Kraft that are safe? I read somewhere that Kraft Ranch dressing is gluten-free and I have been using it. Thanks for all your research Sandy
  4. My huband, kids and I all LOVE the Jasmine rice!! It smells like popcorn when it is in the rice cooker! One thing we can still eat!!! -Sandy
  5. I did see where some have a reaction to rice and they did suggest potatoes instead. I, however, really dislike potatoes and will try the rice you suggested! Thanks a ton! This website and the other seem like they will really help and I am glad to have found all of you! -Sandy
  6. I'm going on the BRAT (Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Tea) diet today that I found on the MC message board (www.perskyfarms.com) and hope that my symptoms will stop. I am not on medicine yet and like you do not want to if at all possible. They state when you have a flare up to try this diet for a few days to clean you system. Good luck and I hope it helps! -Sandy
  7. Have you had a colonoscopy? They take a biopsy and that is how they find MC colitis. Not sure if it is genetic, I'm the first in my family! Best of luck to you! -Sandy
  8. My 1st gastro dr put me on a medication call Pentassa, he had me taking 4000 mg a day and I felt sooooo much better, however, my new gastro dr (who just moved here from the Mayo Clinic in MN) said the studies they did at the Mayo Clinic on this medication showed that it can be harmful to your liver and he said NOT to take it and their studies showed we can get better with a strick gluten-free diet. My dr also said that LC was usually casued by celiac disease. The hard part for me is that I do not feel good again and have all those new symptoms! Best of luck with your tests, not that I hope they are positive, but I hope you find answers. -Sandy
  9. Thanks Laura, they say it gets eaiser with time!
  10. Silly question, but what are nighshades? Thanks for letting know I am not alone in my pain!
  11. Ohio Gluten Free?

    Yes, I would come. I am only about 40 miles away from Columbus. We have a local support group and there may be more that would come also! Let us know! Thanks! -Sandy
  12. Hello! This is my 1st post and this makes me nervous! I tested positive w/ a blood test for Celiac 11/06 (I went to the dr. and requested the test myself), 12/06 I tested positive to the endoscopy and in 1/07 my colonsocopy tested positive for Lymphocytic Colitis. My dr. says that my colitis can be controlled by diet like Celiac. I went gluten free 12/05/06 and started to feel much better until January. I have been experiencing horrible cramping (just below my hip bones) and it radiates into my back so bad at times I cannot stand up straight or stand for long periords of time. My doctor told me this was a "build up of gas" because my digestive system is in such horrible shape. He told me to stop eating dairy products and ALL fruits and vegetables (cooked or raw). He said it may take 1-2 years for my system to recover or it may never recover. Any one have any other suggestions? I'm the only person in my family, my husband's family and of all our friends/coworkers to have this and feel so alone at times! Thanks for listening! -Sandy
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