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  1. No I've not really found that. But I'm only now getting into gluten-free baking. I'm hopeless following a recipe. Really I am! I read it and then cull what is in the house and pantry, then I tweak to suit whats available ingredient-wise (unless it's a specific something like ice cream or such). Then I start throwing things about into the bowl. Somewhere along the line I short circuited and if whatever I'm baking doesn't do what it's supposed to I'll shamelessly adapt it to another dish and serve! No apologies. But I have had my share of burnt offerings and I do find gluten-free baking is more temperamental or needs more effort. Six beaten egg whites and five siftings of the flour, double the flavouring if using Buckwheat vs normal measures for flavourings if you're using rice flour. That sort of thing. Marcus.
  2. Ya know I've been brooding here on this. And not knowing what exactly you're making it's not easy. But say you're doing the shortbread crust and bake it the day before -- there is a trick that I've used to "seal" the base and keep it dry. I whip up a glaze with fruit jam/conserve and brush it thinly but evenly over the base. (I'm assuming here that you are only making a shortbread base crust and no pie-sides?) If you glaze the shortbread and do it like you're varnishing the floor, leave it to dry out overnight and then add your filling. This will keep a good bit of the moisture from seeping thru' the base. I've used apricot jam, cherry jam, ginger marmalade etc. The extra "taste" is minimal and very subtle and should not detract from your original concept. Best of luck now! Marcus.
  3. Thanks for the input much appreciated. Gram is out since it's chickpea flour and I can't cope with beans or lentils at all But I did find Sorghum today in Tesco's and very cheaply priced too but from India and NO gluten-free or processed in a non wheat contaminated environment guarantee. Guess I'll check at a Healthfood store. My reaction to barley has been violent so the millet I may wait a bit on. I did find several varieties of mixed flour from Doves that were gluten free. I might experiment a tad later since rice and potato featured as main ingredients and I can eat only specific varieties. Um how did you link the Doves diet data? I tried it and it flopped. Again -- sincere thanks, Marcus.
  4. OK OK so lets test this sucker here folks. Will it or won't it do the amazing show the LINK routine? Sorghum study in South Africa;digestible sorghum porridge Thanks, Marcus.
  5. Well thats very positive and all to your credit but since chickpeas and lentils et al are off my list as is corn, potato etc etc I'll paddle a bit further OK and hopefully get back into eating them again. LATER. Right now they kill me. I am desperately hoping that I can eat adzuki beans and grind the black eyed peas (beans here in the UK) into a flour as a bean option. Any thoughts on these LM? Marcus.
  6. Well it didn't let me give links when I tried, so I'm none too sure. Usually you simply highlight the address, copy and paste into your text. If you do that I can copy and paste it into my browser and still get there. Bit klunky but immediate while I sift thru' the how to do files here. But I think it's in the menu across the message window under "Insert special item" and then the select link option. I'll have to play a spell dude! Marcus.
  7. LM, Thanks for the break down. I'm only just getting into the flour combo's and since Buckwheat has been the only flour I've used and can depend on not to have an effect on me, so this is going to be an adventure. Marcus.
  8. I saw the xantham gum for the first time in Wales recently but not today in my local Tesco's and I really must source some for future baking experiments. Have never heard of using gelatin in a baked context before and I can imagine it's funky. Amazing! Marcus.
  9. No pressure huh? My experiments with all rice flour have not been wildly successful in pancakes etc. It does however make for a divine shortbread! Professional bakers tend to fall back on it for lighter, crisper versions. So I'd say go for it. A traditional American cheesecake filling should be fine. A layer of whipped cream on top of the shortbread will turn it into that soggy dough. If you can make the crust the day before and the filling a few hours before you travel to your event -- if you don't have to refrigerate it, chances are you'll get away with a nice shortbread base. Good luck and let me know how it works out. Marcus.
  10. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sorghum Wiki's take on the sorghum grain. I did find this on the effects of cooking sorghum and it's protein content but not much on it's starch and protein ratios. http://cat.inist.fr/?aModele=afficheN&cpsidt=13842715 Regards, Marcus.
  11. I use Doves here in the UK. It's just been taken off the CUK List due to contamination. I emailed them with a grumpy complaint since I traveled 100 miles into Wales to get 3 kilo's of the stuff ten days ago. Their response was to defend themselves hastily incase I sued for misleading advertising probably by claiming that they source their buckwheat outside of England and have NO control what-so-ever or guarantees over their product! It's really is contaminated. Since I opened and used the "new" stock of buckwheat I'm going thru' a cycle of swollen ankles, volatile mood swings, constipation, rashes, exhaustion, incredible pain in my joints again and did I mention that I'm evil incarnate? Yeah that too, I make the devil look like Mr.Nice Guy! Sigh I'm so tired of getting tripped up like this. And I was doing so well too four solid months free.
  12. Thanks so much! Getting the hang of the system takes a bit of getting used to -- it's huge here! Marcus.
  13. Funny, I'm seeing my Doctor about this next Tuesday! At the risk of TMI -- my coeliac senario seems to have flared up upon my moving to the UK. I've been sexually active only twice in seven years. I just can't be bothered. Thank the Lord I'm single. I do get friskier when absolutely 100% gluten free. The mood swings don't help either. Last year I did try a very mild anxiety medication that did help ease the depression and stress of the disease for a short spell. I have noticed that I climax far too quickly and am just wiped for weeks afterwards. Oh I'm weighing-in at 137/145 Lbs. Not over weight by any means. I'm hoping I can find something to help adjust this.
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