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  1. Ta! On an empty stomach or when ever feeling rough or just as a natural tonic?
  2. Is Apple Cider Vinegar gluten free? I'm assuming that it is but is there another side effect coeliacs will suffer if exposed to C.V? Thanks, Marcus.
  3. Sigh. I'm with you there! Used to be so adventurous with various foods. These days if it's off my list or there are doubts whatever, it is stays there! And I have to say I was startled by someone who posted in another thread about a face cream being a potential source for glutening.
  4. Oh I wish we could do this in Britain! Was told last year by the NHS Consultant I spoke to, that her Aunt used to get a prescription for her bread once a month, only to be told several weeks later that the system had been discontinued. Currently I eliminate an enormous amount of things and...